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Winning design #2 by TommyGun96, Logo Design for Vital Performance, Inc. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by TommyGun96

Project description

Logo for new consulting and business acquisition firm. Niche is performance management consulting. Firm helps its clients establish a win-win culture using the Company's mission, values, processes, and coaching principles to help Team Members reach their personal potential while generating world-class performance for the company.

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  • I like the arrow going up signifying improvement....Can the left part of the V be less dramatic?
    • Ok, I'll work on that. I'm working on other ideas too. Regards

  • Let me know what you think of #2. Waiting for your feedback! Thanks.
  • Can I see a version with blue to dominate color? I like the design!
  • Like the design, can blue or green be the accent color?
  • Can Blue be the dominate color and green the grey as well
  • Could you provide any feedback please. #29 Should I use any othe colors?
    • Too fancy but like the coloring

    • What about #40. Is this OK? I can improve it if necessarly. Thank You!

    • don't like the color or style of the dot above I...f is to long....

  • please, give me some direction or meso sugestion to make my design better than now.
    • I do not know which entries are yours

  • Can you change coloring to Blue/Grey or Green Grey?
  • Hello robp1, #32 and #33 for your consideration. Reply if you want any changes. Thank you.
    • |--|

      srbalajeegenius {*wrote*}:
      Hello robp1, #32 and #33 for your consideration. Reply if you want any changes. Thank you.
      |--| Graphics to busy

  • Like this one I mean....other arrow...different color (blue). thanks!
    • Thanks for the feedback... hope #94 and #95 are what you have asked for. awaiting your reply. thanks

    • Hi CH, could I please have some feedback on my design #208? I'm new to this, so an in-depth criticism would he much appreciated so I can fix what you don't like and resubmit. Thanks!

  • Hi, I guess it would have been better if you had rated or commented on my design #96 instead of just eliminating it, so I could know what to do. I hope you get what you'er looking for. Thanks
  • Hello, let me know what you think of #98 I would like to hear your comment. :)
  • Hello, I have submitted entry #96, please rate or comment so I can know which direction to go with it. Thanks
  • HI CH, I made a new design #89 for you and i hope you like it and if you want any edit please advice me Thanks, saloma
  • Also put the performace below. Thanks!
  • Can you make the arrow like #78 and make the accent color bright royal blue instead of green?
  • Hi robp1, here is a different path form arrow if You want to be on a left side of logo name, but I am open for positions. #87. With regards, krisdesign
  • If you want anything changed about #55, or have comments or questions, just let me know.
  • HAI CH i have submited new design entri #79 ,please feedbacck for me thanks......
  • Hi, I have submitted entry #70, could you please rate or comment so I can know how good or bad i'm doing? Thanks