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We want a logo for a brand that will be used to publicize our product that is: The Tilapia Fish (Oreochromis Niloticus), healthy for human consumption, eco-friendly fish farm, a traceable production of tilapia, certified organic, through a process that respects the environment, promoting farmworker wellbeing.

We produce and sell all-male tilapia without hormonal treatment, traceable tilapia due to genetic selection of our brood stock; we breed our own fingerlings thereby guaranteeing their quality and through biosecurity and  constantly monitoring and treating the water quality in each process. 

We manufacture feed for our tilapia using the best quality local raw materials, always looking to decrease the use of proteins of animal origin. Our mission is to sell a healthy traceable-sustainable tilapia of extraordinary quality to the retail chains in the local and national market. 

we have developed  technologies and processes, a complete vertical process that guarantees its quality, from the brood fish, the hatchery management to the growing stage (using feed manufactured by us one our premises) logistics, commercialization and waste management. 

We have designed recirculation systems, manufactured filters and tanks, floating cages, etc. to be able to satisfy the requirements of our healthy clean sustainable production. Therefore, we can conclude that although we sell tilapia, what we sell is a process that seeks to produce traceable-sustainable tilapia.

We also offer live tilapia via various points of sale in order to generate visual and word of mouth publicity of our product which is free of hormones antibiotics or chemicals, whilst at the same time respecting the environment and the community.

Our tilapia farm is based on legality. We have all the legal, sanitary and environmental permits necessary to operate.

A traceable way for our customer's to see the chain of events that happen before our tilapia arrives at their tables.  

What makes our product Unique? A traceable way for our customer's to see the chain of events that happen before our tilapia arrives at their tables.  Our YY supermale breeding method which allows for hormone free tilapia; our careful selection of traceable raw materials and food production using the lowest possible amount of animal protein to feed our tilapia Fish. It is almos like we would like to create a vegan Tilapia. 

Our initial target market is people who seek to eat good quality food, but above all healthy, free of hormones.

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    Project available in: fully editable
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  • Based on a eco-friendly 3R (triangle) symbol
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