Vizisi Chocolates

Wow, this was perfect. Got soo many good logos to choose from. We could not have hoped for such good options and such a perfect winner!

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Winning design #290 by ideasstudio, Logo Design for Vizisi Chocolates Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ideasstudio

Project description

We're a new premier chocolates company. We sell business to business (our clients give our products as gifts). We want a logo that showcases our company name. We're picturing sharp edges and corners. This needs to be a faxable, easy to read, and resizable logo. No more than 3 colors. [UPDATE] We sell round pieces of chocolate, not chocolate bars. We are really interested in elegant fonts and layouts. The Z in our name tends to be hard to read, it needs to be clear. The word "Chocolates" should be smaller than Vizisi.

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  • submitted #88 for your the 's' in there this time. thank you.
  • We love the V you've got. We REALLY love the V you've got. Our favorite V is from the top one. We'd like to explore the circle graphic you have in the center logo. It almost resembles one of our chocolate pieces but it looks too fake. Maybe if it looked more 3D or wasn't so dark. We're not sure, but its got potential.
  • If the circles were mini chocolates that might work. Otherwise this is too plain.
  • Creative, not happy with the colors. It does seem foreign, which we don't really like.
  • Like what you did here! can the Z swoop into the oval more and the end of the oval not line up perfectly, maybe swoop in a little low and end in a point.
  • The brown box it too high. We'd like other colors, not just brown. Need more elegance.
  • Don't like the chocolate graphic. The font is too broken up. Vizisi doesn't stand out either against "chocolates".
  • Don't like how "chocolates" works. The half circle has potential but lacks elegance.
  • Cool design but doesn't fit our goals. Need more elegance.
  • We like this, but it is too light. "Chocolates" is probably too small too.
  • Try this with dark letters on a light background.
  • Like how you have chocolates in there, small text like an underline to vizisi. Don't like the background. The dots over the i's take away from the elegance, it might work, but this application isn't right for us.
  • This is too old fashioned.
  • Vizisi should be larger than chocolates. Also this is just text, not really a logo.
  • Too much for a logo, we want a simpler logo. Otherwise this looks good.
  • Like having some red in there, but don't like the stars. The font is too square, we want elegant.
  • Submitted #73...missed the 's' on chocolates though.
  • This is really just letters, not a logo.
  • Like this font the best of your submittals. Look at our notes for you other ones for other ideas.
  • Great potential. Not excited about the colors. Try other colors, like white. Could the z wrap the word 'chocolates' still? maybe from the right?