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Winning design #120 by antwars, Logo Design for VR Real Estate Advisors Contest
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designed by antwars

Project description

VR Real Estate Advisors (VRAdvisors.com) is a Professional niche Real Estate Asset Management firm. VRA concentrates on maximizing the value and performance of high end Vacation Rental properties, on an owner-only representation basis. We are looking for a logo that is professional, stately, and simplistic in nature (think Wealth Management and Law Firms). We want to have alternate uses for printing both horizontally and vertically. "VR" stands for "Vacation Rentals". Our firm owns the domain VRadvisors.com and will probably use that as the primary URL. This does not have to be incorporated in the design, but feel free to play with it, maybe as a footer. Again, we are looking for a very stated, strong, and trustworthy look and feel as we will be acting as Owner Representatives and Real Estate Investment Advisors on large assets.

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  • Also, the URL is just VRAdvisors.com.
    • I think that was standart for add www. like you add http:// or https:// :)

  • I like the layout. The "VR" might be a little too fancy. Try something more conservative. Thanks!
  • Thanks. Not looking for the "VR" to be in front of "Real Estate Advisors" below.
  • All - the basic layout would be for "VR" to be the main "visual" if you will, and "Real Estate Advisors" to be the "sub". Try to do one for both Horizontal and Vertical layout. Thanks!
  • Really like "Real Estate Advisors" beneath "VR" Can you give me some concepts like this? Thanks and good start!
  • I have uploaded new concept, kindly check them out , thank you.#50
    • hallo CH, I propose a new #93, please see, thank you ...

  • Like the "VR" in the House idea. The "VR" itself is a little more modern than what I was looking for. Can you try some more conservative "VR" designs keeping the House theme? Thanks!
    • Dear CH, I've just submitted logo #67, in that i have changed "VR" look like modern design. I would really appreciate any suggestions. Looking forwards to receiving your feedback. Thank you!

  • Dear CH, I have submitted new entries #63 #64 #65 , kind check them out , Thank you
  • FYI, it's "Advisors", with an "s" at the end. Thanks. Looks good.
  • iib
    Dear CH. I've uploaded my new design, #48 thanks for feedback
  • Looking good. Can you reduce the spacing between "Advisors" a bit to see what that would look like? Also want to see the Vertical design along with this horizantal. Great job!
  • Really like this "VR" style/layout and text. Can you do one like this with some different colors and with "Advisors" below "Real Estate" on the horizontal logo like your other entry? Thanks!
    • Hi, Thanks for feedback.I'm doing revision now.About colors, Do you have any preferred colors? Regards

    • I like the blue (try navy blue, etc.) and maybe mix in some gray. Also can you try one that has "Advisors" text a little more tight?

  • Like the "VR". Can you do one more horizontal as well? Thanks!
  • Good layout. It might be a little to rigid. Try some concepts without "blocking" in the VR... Thanks!
    • |--|

      ecu24 {*wrote*}:
      Good layout. It might be a little to rigid. Try some concepts without "blocking" in the VR... Thanks!
      |--| I have uploaded new concept, kindly check them out , thank you. #28 , #27 and #25.

  • Nice concept. Maybe show me some differnt layouts with the "VR" at the top, and maybe a little more conservative text for "Real Estate Advisors"... Thanks!
  • Like the horizantal concept/layout, and the round "VR" alternative at the bottom. Thanks!
  • Sorry if not explaining clearly. I like this text, but I'd like to see how it would look with "Real Estate" smaller like in your previous designs 117...
    • About #120 this new revise sorry for not clearly understand CH i hope you like it...

  • Yes, this text, but reverse "Advisors" and "Real Estate" like in design #117!
  • Great, thanks! Sorry to keep asking for different concepts, but how about in this layout, if "Advisors" is the dominant word, and "Real Estate" is smaller to fit the width of "Advisors"? So "Advisors" would be larger and "Real Estate" would be smaller to fit the same width... Keep the same color scheme... Thanks!
    • So the font style will be the same also CH, is that what you mean?

  • Yes, perfect, but with "Advisors" in Gray as you did for #101. I would like to show my partners for rating... Thanks!
    • Here's the other revised #103 and #104 CH i hope you like it..Thanks!

    • Yes, thanks! See my other comment about #103. Making "Real Estate" smaller and "Advisors" larger... Thanks!