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Winning design #83 by hollander, Logo Design for Walley  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hollander

Project description

We need the current logo of our Company, "Walley Forestry & Properties" updated to a more enhanced and sharpened version of the one we have now, which is of a live oak tree.  We basically want it too look the same as our current logo, but just more of an improved version of it with artistic detail. 

Google "Live Oak Tree" to see more images of how we want it to be mimicked. 

 Please visit https://www.communitybank.net or our website http://www.walleyproperties.com to base the new logo from which you design from one of those. 

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  • Try to make the overall size of the top part of the tree smaller and more compact. #83
    • About #83, @Walley Hello, I'm sorry I could not make the necessary changes (the time difference). If my logo will win, I guarantee that everything will be done and the final result would be an excellent. With all respect, Andrew.

  • If you could also cut the leaf out of the text. #83
  • @Walley Hi, this one with a pine cone and more detail on the tree. #89
  • Can you place a pine cone in-between LLC. and Forestry instead of a "/" that separates the two titles: Properties, LLC. and Forestry Consultants, Incs. #83
  • Can you place a small Pine Cone in-between LCC. and Forestry #25
  • About #65, @hollander This is the one we like best. 
    • About #65, @Walley Thank you! The contest is almost over, I hope you are pleased with the results and take a right and prompt decision -))

  • Dear contest holder, kindly check all my submission and please give your feedback. Thank's

    Best Regards, #88
  • @Walley Hi, I make a lot more detail on the tree, hope you like it, thank you. #85
  • We like how you added the big branch in this design entry. #52
  • Add a few more branches within the middle of the tree to make it where you can see through it. But other wise it's perfect as to what we wanted. You've done a great job. Thank you! #64
    • About #64, @Walley Thank you, I will try

    • @hollander But please, don't make any drastic changes just a few more minor branches here and there is all it needs inside thr middle of the tree to make it where you can see through it a little bit better Thank you so much for your time and handwork.

  • Just make the tree look like, where you can see through it. Is what I'm basically trying to say.
  • @Walley Other color variations. #63
  • @Walley I put it on T-Shirt for review. #62
  • @Walley Hi there, here it is the update, thank you. #61
  • We really like the design look of the tree your using in your recent entries. @hollander
  • About #60, @Victoireking Also, can you put int he State of Alabamaas well and make the tree have more branches with an older look to it. The tree you have now looks like a younger tree. 
  • We like how you put your logo design entry on the T-shirts, please continue to do so with your new logo design entries. #9
  • @Walley Hi, this is it the revision. #60
  • @Victoireking Thats looking better if you could delete the top line above walley where it says "State of Mississippi" #59
    • @Walley Ok, I'll working on it, thank you for your feedback.

  • @Walley Hope you like it. #59