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Winning design #31 by raksha3133, Logo Design for wamitab Contest
Gold Medal

designed by raksha3133

Project description

30/05/2012 - Addition to Brief: Message to potential designers: Please do not include the strap ine text (waste management industry training and advisory board) in your designs. We wish to establish the Wamitab name as a strong brand with a recognisable pictoral representation. We are happy to use the 'i' as a focal point for the pictoral image, and would like to see wamitab in lower case. Use of colour is also important, and we are not restricted to the greens found on our current website (below). Who we are: wamitab are an awarding organisation and the leading provider of vocational qualifications in the waste and resource management arena. www.wamitab.org.uk We are widening our remit to include qualifications in cleaning and facilities management and need to be attractive to each sector. We want to 'freshen up' our current logo to appeal to a wider audience - in terms of age and industry. We are integral to the skills of employers working in the ever-growing 'green' sector, and want to show that we are a dynamic and insightful organisation. We have been relatively conservative in the past, but are moving towards a stronger commercial base as new technology changes the face of ‘environmental’ services What we are looking to see: Whilst we have a predominantly green branding evident on our website we are not restricted to this colour. Indeed, the use of colour and imagery should be simple, clean and symbolic of our position as a quality organisation. We are open to designs that whilst (keep true to our principles) are bold and visionary that can be applied to any media that we wish to use. In addition, we would like to look at adapting the logo to suit a potential group structure e.g. Wamitab cleaning, Wamitab facilities etc.

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  • Dear katiecockburn thanks for your feedback. I submit a new version with differences for the two respective areas, while maintaining the identity and icon to be a relationship with the brand. Any changes or if you want to see something different, please request. Best regards
  • Thank you for your submission to our logo competition. I really like your design as it has a fresh, clean feel. We are trying to build a strong brand which we can take into sectors other than waste - for instance cleaning and facilities. I wonder if you could do some examples of how we could take this logo and apply it to those? Another designer has done an example of this (the QWamitab one) and though we aren't as keen on the artwork, we appreciate the way they have shown the ability to use the logo in different sectors. I look forward to recieving your 2nd submission.
  • Hi Khaleefa, I've given feedback on another of your designs, but really it applies to both as I like both and would like to see them with the modifications I've suggested.
  • Thank you for your submission to our logo competition. We like you idea and the use of colour makes it look clean and fresh. We would like to see the wamitab in lower case, rather than upper. Also, we don't want to have the strap line 'waste management industry training and advisory board' on the logo at all. Essentially, we want to build a strong brand that we can apply across a range of sectors - so we could use the same logo with addition of 'cleaning' or 'facilities' etc. I'd be really interested to see another submission from you based on the feedback I've given.
  • Thank you for your speedy 2nd submission! Again, we like the ideas but we aren't as sure about this font - it makes the word 'wamitab' so big that it becomes the focal point - rather than the image. The 'w' in the circle is also too big and 'clunky'. Feel free to give ideas for different colours etc. as we are not bound to the greens we currently use. We also need to consider how this can build our brand - e.g 'IMAGE' WamiClean / WamiFM (one of the other designers has done this if you want an example (though we don't actually like his design as such).
  • Thank you for your entry to our logo competition. We like your idea for using the 'i' as a focal point for the logo - though I feel the tree may be too dominating and not enough like an 'i'. Perhaps using the dot above the eye as an image would be striking and brand-building? Ultimately, we want to develop a brand - not just a logo - therefore, the strap line 'waste management..etc.etc' is not necessary. Also, we'd prefer wamitab to be lower case. However, we do like your idea and look forward to seeing your revised work.
  • Thank you very much for entering our competition. We're delighted with your first attempt, but feel it may be too aligned with the waste/recycling sector. We are trying to build a strong brand which can move into other areas and sectors - for instance cleaning and facilities management. We like the image, but would like to see that using different colours to reduce the likeness to the recycling logo. Also, we would like wamitab to become a word in it's own right - so use of caps is not ideal. We also need to drop the strap - waste industry...etc etc. Our aim ultimately is to create a strong brand, rather than just the replication of our name. We look forward to seeing your revised work.
  • Thank you again for your new submissions. The font is much better here. Do you think you could try to incorporate a 'W' into the pictoral mark?
  • Thank you for your submission to our logo competition - we love your ideas. Do you think there would be a way to incorporate a 'W' into the pictoral mark? Also, could you show how this could work for cleaning or facilities - as some of the other designers have?
  • Thank you for your submission to our logo contest. We like the idea of your design, and wonder if there would bea way to incorporate a 'W' into the pictoral mark? Also, could you try variations of font - we are ideally looking for something thinner/sharper? Perhaps movign the pictoral mark to the left of the text rather than above also?
  • Dear katiecockburn i submit 3 versions of fonts and put the logo next to the text like you request. If you dont like any font and want to see another,or any changes please request. Best regards
  • Dear katiecockburn thanks for your feedback I will make the requested changes and submit in 1 hour. Best regards
  • Hi Moimeme, Would you be able to give us the same image but with font variations - we would like to try using a thinner, cleaner font. Also, perhaps try having the image next to the text, rather than above?
  • Dear Moimeme, We prefer your font from number #19. Thank you.
  • Dear katiecockburn can you tell me which font you prefer, because my design did not improve, to work on W. Await your feedback. Best regards
  • Dear katiecockburn thanks for your feedback Best regards
  • dear CH please cek #58, and give comments for that design
  • About #109 (updated) @Dear CH : I have sent the logo variations according to the Working Section. Please,let me know, have you got the "W" concept in the icon or not? I am Just Curios. Thank you. -MaxDesigner
  • About #103, #104 and #105 @Dear CH : The iconic Concept is "W" and a leaf for Green Technology for Waste management. Regards. -MaxDesigner
  • katiecockburn: Thank you for your entries. We have shortlisted designs: #31 #30 #101 #108 #71 #85 #58 which have been circulated to our Board of Directors for review and final decision. We will be announcing the winner before 16th June. We would like to thank everybody for their contribution to this contest, which has proved an invaluable source of inspiration and innovation.