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Winning design #21 by JCreation, Logo Design for Wash Works or Wash WorX Contest
Gold Medal

designed by JCreation

Project description

We are looking for a logo for our express tunnel car wash. We are looking for a clean, fresh, crisp design. Something clean, wet, shiny, bubbly… but not too cute. We have not decided whether to spell the name as Wash Works or Wash Worx. Please submit design with spelling of your choice. The spelling wont determine our choice. We also plan to add the term, either Express Car Wash or X-press Car Wash, which also can be your choice when you submit the design. The car wash will be marketed to the general public as a fast, convenient experience. We are located at the base of the rocky mountains, our climate is arid, the majority of the population is environmental minded. We recycle most of the water used during the wash process. We experience all four seasons with over 300 days a year of sunshine.

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  • nice compliment with the arrows. I think the logo itself is solid now just needs a little pop..is it possible to get any depth or possibly a shine or sparkle.
    • hello CH, thanks for the feedback. I update now the new version of design #21. any feedback would be highly appreciated. thanks & cheers

    • hello J, is it possible to add one more revision to logo now that we have chosen you as the winner? if so can you make the "X" bigger so it stands out more.

  • great change and very unique clean/dirty impression. do you think the design would work with a yellow or green, not red?
    • Hi,thanks for your feedback, here's #25 with the changes that you suggested... Thanks

    • Hi,please see #33 as well, I've made some changes in the text layout and style... Thanks,awaiting feedback.. :)

  • Hi Contest Holder Please check my entries #22 #23 & #11 If you like them and need changes, please let me know Thank you
  • Hi CH... please look my design and I hope you consider it..^^
  • very clean, sharp... and sexy for lack of a better word. the font right now is the hang up. any ideas?
  • your logo has been the most noticed during review... but feed back is its just two separate spaces almost. also to create the negative space does the shade behind the W need to be there. its looks dirty which could work in the right situation but not here.
  • Hello CH, submitted #16 adding more style to the logo. Hope it is what you are looking for. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  • I like that it looks fast- nice work. can you try this in yellow and blue and with an X?
    • hello Ch, first of all thank you so much for the rating. I’ve upload now the new revision of the design #12. Hope you like it. Any feedback would be appreciated. :)

  • Hi Contest Holder, Please check my entry #11, Hope you like it. if you need i can changes to that. thank you
  • too basic. I like the accent of the X but maybe in a rounded style font
  • I appreciate the simplicity but needs more style.
  • the sparkle is a nice touch, but the car looks too clip arty, maybe just an outline of a vehicle
  • I like the font and style of the lettering but not sure if I like the W. any other ideas on the W??
  • Hello CH, just submitted my first entry #3 and wanted to get your feedback on the design. I supplied both names for you so you can see what you like best. Thanks!
  • can you put the water drop back rather than the oval
    • Here's #37,I've put the water drop back instead of oval.hope u like it... Thanks

  • can you put the water drop back rather than the oval
  • Hello CH, just submitted #35 and wanted to get some feedback on the design? Thanks!
  • Hi Contest Holder Please check my entry #50 If you like it and need changes, please let me know Thank you