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Winning design #182 by LULU766, Logo Design for Water Recharge, LLC. Contest
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designed by LULU766

Project description

Our company is a Water Recharge, LLC. a certified Parjana installer. An innovative, cost effective and eco friendly technology of getting rid of standing water and drying up notoriously wet areas. The systems we install accelerates infiltration of water during rainfall and provides moisture during dry periods.
Logo Colors: Black, Blue, White, Gray, Green are all acceptable colors

Sample logo we like: 


This logo will be used on all company documents, invoices, quotations and equipment. We will need a final copy of the artwork in any modern adobe format that can easy be vectorized and manipulated. We will need a copy optimized for color printing, for web use and one for monochrome documents.   

Please use your creative talents to create something that will demonstrate what Water Recharge actually does. We are using cutting edge eco friendly technology and using the Earth itself to filtrate standing water. 

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  • hey sir check my design and fedback me thank you :) #183
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    Water Recharge! hope you like it! #181
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  • Logo idea. Hope you like it. Good luck #122
  • Hi! I have submitted the following design. This design is designed in vector, and can be saved as any file format. Please let me know if you have any feedback. I hope you like it.

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  • @mocomp do you have any suggestion for my design #84? Feel free to give any suggestion and feedbacks.

    Also added logo idea #128 and #127 . I hope you like it.
  • This is very good. We'll see what the owner thinks. #107
    • About #107, @mocomp if you want any changes just let me know

  • This is very good. We'll see what the owner thinks. #97
  • This is very good. We'll see what the owner thinks. #99
  • I like it, but its not what the owner is looking for. See #107, 103.
  • Feel free to suggest #107
  • This logo demonstrate an innovative, cost effective and eco friendly technology water recharge using the Earth itself to filtrate standing water. Hope you like it sir. #102
  • kindly check my logo proposal to your company i hope you like it
    thank you:) #96
  • Please review and enjoy :) #85
  • W is water and chagre the R mean recharge R #81
  • A different version with a green leaf regarding eco friendly philosophy. #77
  • Hello, this is my first idea so it's not finalised. In the drop of water there is a gush like fresh water coming up. The circle behind is like a pipe where the drop come from, viewd from front. Maybe can be used a tagline under the name? #75
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