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Winning design #365 by SCH, Logo Design for Water Contest
Gold Medal

designed by SCH

Project description

Water is a magazine for designers and builders in the swimming pool and water feature industry. It speaks to the professionals who respect art, design and creativity. Water is designed to be an extension of formal classroom education and provide guidance to improve individuals between events. It showcases industry experts in their field and shares their insights with professionals attempting to better themselves and their industry. Water's emphasis is not upon products and sales but upon the aesthetic of superior architectural design, which the water industry severely needs assistance with.

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  • Our focus is on the art, architecture and design of water as a medium and not so much the 'fluidity' of water. Designs should be cleaner, more simplistic and stay away from imagery associated with water as a molecule (i.e. water drop, wave, waterfall doppler effect, etc.)
    • Hello Sir, please give feedback about my designs #265, #266, #267. Thank you!

  • mockups are not allowed in logo contests http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/water/entry/50
  • Hello, let me know what you think about #175. Waiting for your feedback Thanks
  • Hi Mark111. Please let me know how you like #205. Awaiting your valuable feedback. Thanks.
  • Hi.. this are my designs #199 and #197.. hope you like it.. any suggestions?
  • About #63 #93 #104 #106 #116 #118 #119 #120 #121 #125 Open for critique or revisions. Thank You
  • jlc
    Hello, How does my design look #184? What would you have me change?
  • 3D - We would be open to suggestions for 3D logos too.
  • SIMPLE & ELEGANT! Some of these have that but this is for architects and designers. Subtle, creative use of the word Water is the key...
  • VERY creative use of the a-e switch. How do other fonts work with this treatment? As well?
    • Thanks, I'm glad you noticed the inverted "a" to replace the "e". I've been trying several fonts/typeface and I will post it when I come up with a good one. Cheers.

  • Good start. How about the H2O molecule
  • Like the layout. Can you try other simpler fonts with the same T treatment?
  • Try the A as just a triangle.
  • Hi Mark. I just submitted #170 and #171 I kept them clean and simple, I also used most basic architectural forms to incorporate with the overall design. let me know if you like the concepts and I can play around with color variations as you wish. I will appreciate a feedback. thank you, best regards.
  • Hi mark, I have submitted #165 & #166, Please advise on any changes if needed. Thank you.
  • Dear Mark, please see my designs #87, #88, #159 and #164. I thought the 02 symbol in #164 could also be used as a stand alone icon within the magazine. Kind regards, Liz
  • Hi Mark, I have submitted #153 for your review....the square represents material, like tile or granite. thank you, DM
  • Dear Mark, I represent #136 and #133. Any feedback will be appreciated regards abhi
  • Dear Mark111. I just submitted #134 and waiting for your feedback.
  • To everyone, this is a good start. I would suggest that everyone stay with simple, elegant and clean layouts without gimmicky images like waves or water drops. The word 'Water' alone communicates the fluid part of it. We are trying to say 'elegant design' and 'art'.