We are a Height Safety & Rope Access company.

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Winning design #86 by ideasstudio, Logo Design for We are a Height Safety & Rope Access company. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ideasstudio

Project description

I would like something showing a person attached via a rope to a cloud, this is where the Skyhook comes into play. This person in on the edge of a tower, or the roof of a building.
Picture a person in a body harness hooking onto an invisible anchor into the sky.
*I have had some good designs, but nothing I really like :( Ideal design would be a person in a harness attached to a HOOK & rope from a cloud abseiling down a building or a wind turbine tower. Anytrhing white needs to be silver as white discolours to easy. This logo is to be used on my work shirts as well, so please also submitt a design with a yellow background as well as just the logo.

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  • Hello sir, Here is a modern and clean design, it has minimal elements that gets the message directly... A man hanging from a cloud, the colors are fresh, blue as the sky and green as the earth to give contrast and stability to the logo... Please let me know if you need any improvement on the design! Thanks...
  • A bit better, but still not right. Maybe the cloud needs to be more dominant .
  • Hi, Do You wanrt the text to curve like in this design? I will change the tower to. thanks for feedback. For any mor changes just let me know. BB
  • I like this layout, maybe use a communication tower. I think the detail in the building will not print out that well. Also, maybe the wording to curve up like a smile
  • About #21 Dear CH, Had making the hook & rope darker so they stand out more, hope you like it. Thanks
  • Hi, could you make the cloud look more detailed? also rope needs a hook on the end, and rope & hook need to standout.
  • Way to plain, sorry
  • Hi, could you please try and make a hook on the rope end? Also, please make the rope a darker colour.
  • Hi, could you try making the hook & rope darker so they stand out more?
  • Hi Ch! Here are my designs #17 #18 #19 #20 if something needs to change, just say. Hope you like it.
  • About #10 & #11 Dear CH, Your commend is welcomed. Thanks
  • Looks good, could you please make the person seem like he is abseiling / climbing? he is to flat footed to the building. also, could add windows to the H to look like a building + the rope needs to be longer. Looks great but :) have a nice day
  • I updated my design 42, with a new font, the cloud is more define and added several new elements to the tower. Thank you for your comments and suggestions. Best regards, Yuri
  • I am working on modifications. Need a little more time to complete. Thank you.
  • Could you please add a hook in the cloud? use silver instead of white. maybe a harness on the guy
  • The cloud needs to be more define. maybe the words in another font?
  • looks really good, nice work... am sure the CH will love it :)
  • About #29 Dear CH, Had changed the rope to red color & the person bigger but i think black is nice for the person. Let me know if you needs more changes. Thanks & Regards
  • Hi CH! I made some changes just like you said. If still need some changes, just say.
  • Hi, I like your work, but it needs a rope hanging off a hook in the cloud. also a needs a couple of smaller clouds below the person. White needs to be replaced with silver as white will discolour when used on work shirts