We are CHANGE FACILITATORS, helping companies to improve their organizational cultures. We need a new logo for a new time...

At the end, the design I got is jus what I wanted and the designers accepted my suggestions without any problem. It has been a pleasure.

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Winning design #94 by zeph, Logo Design for We are CHANGE FACILITATORS, helping companies to improve their organizational cultures. We need a new logo for a new time... Contest
Gold Medal

designed by zeph

Project description

Our present logo is a baobab (www.baobabteam.com). We are changing the web design too and it will be something like this: http://www.bestofjoomla.com/index2.php?option=com_bestoftemplate&task=demo&no_html=1&id=3706 There are many legends around baobabs. One says that if you would fall asleep under it, the Gods will take you to heaven. There are people in Africa that have their houses inside the tronks and many animals find their homes in their branchs. We are thinking about a baobab in the logo, quite simple and schematic, but with all the strenght that the tree has.

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  • new entry with your comments...
  • we only allow 1 design per entry and no backgrounds. one design means no color or size variations, just one design. infraction for http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/we-are-change-facilitators-helping-companies-to-improve-their-organizational-cultures.-we-need-a-new-logo-for-a-new-time/entry/42/report
  • dear CH, i had posted my entries #43 and #44, with modification , i had played with orange this time.. in a appropriate place. thank you..
  • #40 Dear Contest Holder, Another option for this entry. Hope you like it. Thank you.
  • #39 Dear Contest Holder, I change the font to this entry. Hope you like it. Thank you.
  • Please, remove the TM, in Spain does not have any meaning. Thank you.
  • The tree now is much more realistic...
  • I like better the one with two or even more people...
  • Thanks. Please, if you could remove the rays it would be great. Try with low case letters.
  • Quite nice... I would like to see more strength. Green is to dark, better some kind of a light olive green. Typography is too complicated, try with something as "century gothic" or so. Thanks a lot.
  • Thanks a lot. Could you play with orange in it?
  • Hi, Your design has a lot of strength. Please, try with a different typography, something more simple as "century gothic" or something like that. Play with it. Thanks a lot...
  • #35 Dear Contest Holder, Hope you like this entry. Thank you.
  • dear CH, i had posted my entry #27, i had done modification...... thank you!!
  • dear CH, i was not knowing that their will be something like my design will come out like this, as my opinion , yes the concept is quite like that , but the design is much different from them as in their logo the icon represent like lady forming tree but in my design there is a human figure and the formation of leaves are different from them!! if you want i can do some modification to my design!!! thank you!!
  • The "team" should be as important as the baobab...
  • Hi jimminagy, I really like your design, but I have a big problem with it. A few days ago a new foundation started in Spain and I am about to start collaborating with them. Yo can see it here: www.vivosano.org Your logo is quite like theirs, but I do like it a lot... Any suggestions? Thanks a lot
  • Dear CH...I mean my circle as a sun. When it was not recognizable I made some changes... Sun like a positive, creative and healing energy - which corespondents with your main activity. Also made some changes in the tree.
  • dear CH, i had posted my 1st entry #24, i had tried to make it simple , modern and elegant.. the icon represent a human figure that makes a tree.... thank you!!!