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Winning design #148 by koidcc_123, Logo Design for we do media  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by koidcc_123

Project description

The winner of the contest will be our preferred designer and will get our customers design works, If you can do it we willing to pay extra .  
We are young company that specializing in SEO, social network management, web development actually we do media on the internet.
We want to pass to potential clients that we are DOING everything for them, that we are the best choice to take them to first place on google and other search engines.
That is way we want to use Google colors..
We need an impressive and unique logo, unlike any other logos.

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  • About #148, @graphicana
    You are our Winner !!
    Our logo wiil be the one below the blue one !
  • Thank you all for your designs we selected our winner
    Thank you for your effort !!
  • same google colors + lighter ones. #178
  • About #148, @graphicana
    Hello, Can you do the same as the picture below with the eye in google colors ?
  • Hope you like my design #156
  • kindly check #155
  • kindly check #154
  • About #153, @rkalvo ok i will try some thing new
  • any feedback on my design #153
    • @Parth Didn't understand the wave part ..

  • Please check these designs and give me your valuable feedback on #146, #147, Thank you.
    • @kvg_digitalarts Not our concept thanx

  • are you looking for a word mark "w" or "WDM"
  • Hope you like my design #151
  • can i get some feedback on my design #127
    • @Parth Not our concept.. Thank you

  • WDM-6

    Version of my WDM-4 draft (#112) where the icon character's hand is replaced by a pixelated mouse pointer. #114
    • @Fabio Piscicelli Hi Thank you .. to match complicated - wrong color choice

    • @rkalvo Well, the colors are just an example and can be changed – anyway, I thought this was my best take on the project so I'll move on to my other work. Good luck and take care.

  • Nice can you try text in black and the magnifying Glass with the google blue color ? #115
    • yes of course
      About #115, @rkalvo

  • Hi, Please check my design. #125
  • are you looking forward for a geek in a design or i should try some thing new ?
    • @Parth We are looking for 2 options : 1. Geek logo with our company concept (Internet & Software) (Search google "geek logo" in result you can see nerdbird we are thinking about an animal maybe a forge nerd .. ) 2. Luxury logo design - trademark Design

    • @rkalvo what do you mean by forge nerd, i had googled it but i didn't found anything.

    • @Parth That is the point to make unique logo - there is a lot of geek logo in shape of animals but not a forge try to take (like) the crazy frog into nerd frog with concept of our company Thank you

  • Hope you like my design. #122
  • Sorry but not the concept #100
  • Sorry but not the concept #104