We sell Dice. All sorts of colors, shapes and sizes. We need a logo!

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Winning design #127 by key7, Logo Design for We sell Dice.  All sorts of colors, shapes and sizes.  We need a logo! Contest
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designed by key7

Project description

We need a logo that will be used to brand our dice company. We would like to see logo designs that incorporate dice, and maybe a "keep/castle" theme. We are a game company, and the logo must capture that spirit. The dice we sell are primarily used in table-top board games and book games such as Dungeons & Dragons. We prefer an icon type logo, the icon will be used on branded merchandise included custom printed dice!

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  • #23 #24 Tried to keep the DND at heart, made a small castle out of a good ol 20 :)
  • I like the idea, and the shading of the blocks. Not sure about the object, maybe try a escher drawing using the dice as infinity stairs?
  • This is a cleaner look, maybe with the D&K capitalized.
  • I like the idea here, definitely "gaming". The DK on the shield is a good font, but not really the text font. Maybe try the shield icon with one of a small keep, dice or the DK but not all together.
  • I like the different sizes of dice, but this is really busy. The text really doesnt stand out.
  • Doesnt seem to flow well, and dont like the coloring. I see the castle on top of the dice, but it is not working.
  • Dont like the font, or shadowing. The icon really doesnt work either
  • I like the keep and the dice on the flag, maybe make the banner and text pop a little more?
  • I see where you are going, but try to get all that across with less on the logo.
  • prefer icon over text
  • prefer icon over the text
  • Like the font on this one, and the dice keep is in the right direction. Maybe a larger icon?
  • Needs a different font, icon not bad
  • colorful, maybe too much. would like to see a more unique font
  • need the text horizontal, too many dice.. but do the numbers mean something? or are they random?
  • In this entry, I added a little bit more detail without making it too complicated and tried different colours. I am trying to get over board games, dice, a castle and fun!! Kind regards, Liz
  • Here is my first entry. I tried to keep it simple and without shading or shadowing so that it can be easily used on clothing and etched onto a dice. I can play with the colours. Kind regards, Liz.
  • I think I was Painting feet on the snake on that one. (Chinese Proverb.)
  • Here is a sample image of popular dice we sell: http://www.irook.com/images/products/product_52468.jpg
  • here is number #56 , my 4th entry, i saw your suggestion about the escher stairs, have spent the past four hours on this.