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Winning design #92 by jpbituin, Logo Design for Web Application Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jpbituin

Project description

A logo for a new web application. The application is an online company directory/user search and lookup/white pages application called 'CloudPages' (one word, with the specified capitalisation). We need a clean logo that can be used on both black and white backgrounds in different colors. We will also potentially be looking to create a favicon based on the logo.

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  • cts
    Something different and maybe something to explore. Don't like the font though.
  • cts
    Some good ideas, but could have problems when small.
  • cts
    Nice and clean, but I think we need the text to be bigger/more prominent
  • cts
    Too cartoony - and actually, although we have 'Pages' in the app title - its a 'white pages' application, and actual paper pages don't have that much meaning. I think thats also a general comment for entries containing sheets of paper.
  • cts
    Really like this.
  • cts
    One point that has not yet really been picked up on is that the application will be used for searching and finding _users_. Maybe a theme to explore?
  • your entry is too much like entry 22 http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/web-application-logo/entry/29/report/
  • cts, feel free to give me any feedback on my entry #3. Cheers, MB
  • Hi sir, Submitting one design #28. Give ur feed back. Thanks Vipish TP
  • cts
    Like this - nice use of the letters in the cloud.
  • About #4 Hello cts, Glad that you liked my concept. I can Enhance the Cloud shape a bit in my next version. Regards,
  • cts
    Feel this is lacking something, is too plain
  • cts
    This is looking nice - could need some adjustment to the cloud shape, but like it so far.
  • cts
    TOO many clouds!
  • cts
  • cts
    Also nice. Could I ask for one other modification to see? Could you try with a 'curly' C, without the dot - like on your other design?
  • Dear, CH can I have some feedback of #77 please,hope you like it.
  • Hi Sir, Sorry for my mistake. Pls see revised design #74. Thankyou Vipish TP
  • Hi CH, I just want to apologize about my entry #72. Someone used my account for fun. It was an accident that my entry #72 was submitted to your contest. I'm a designer and I'm so much serious about my work here in DC. Please accept my apology. I'll appreciate that. thank you :( mjclick
  • Dear CH thank you for your feedback. In design #69 i add one more layer for more clarity and design #70 without circle. Best Regards.