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DesignContest is a great place to find a logo design and the customer service was fantastic. I will continue to have more contests through them.


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Winning design #351 by Hexart, Logo Design for Web Hosting Logo Re-Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Hexart

Project description

We want our logo to be re-designed We provide : Webhosting & webdesign service Old logo : http://graficonet.net/ website : http://graficonet.net/ New website templete : https://graficonet.net/index.php Color : same as old one Font : same as old one You can use both "G" or "GN", but I prefer the "G". logo entry must have as a background the website grey header "#262626" & a white version. Old logo & font availble at : www.graficonet.net/product34dml97zer/ Note : No Clipart or ready/templete design allowed ;) Thanks.

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  • Hi, 1#The orange color need to be the same as the one in the original graficonet logo. 2#remove the "n" from the "gn" 3#the small orange round can be with a different size Thanks for your entries, Regards.
  • About #27 Dear Contest Holder Thanks for the rating. Kindly let me know the areas of improvement.
  • Hi, I like "GN" but whant also to see only the "G". Thanks.
  • Hi, I like the white circle part with the small orange round but the actual "GN"color & size break the harmony. Also you can try with only the "G" and also play with the "G or GN" position, he can be in the left of "graficonet". Thanks.
  • Hi, Please use the provided font. Thanks for your entries
  • Hi, Remove please the white background & also the "webhosting & webdesign". Note : you can use "Web Hosting & domain registration" Thanks for your entries.
  • @ contestholder: about #4: just let me know what i can make better for you!
  • would like some constructive critasism on my logo numbers #63 #64 #65
  • About #52 Dear Contest Holder I have submitted the revised design with white background. Kindly revert with your feedback. Thanks
  • Hi, Can you try to adjust the orange color and also provide the white background version. Thanks.
  • Hi, I like the "G", but please try to work more on the "graficonet". Also I want to see the grey background version. Thanks.
  • About #31 Please find the revised design incorporating the changes. Thanks
  • #29 and @30 , initials G and n in single icon. thanks
  • Hi, We have requested the font available in the brief. Thanks
  • Hi, We have requested the font available in the brief. Thanks
  • Dear CH Here are my design #129, hope you will like it. Thanks
  • CH, Considering this is probably your first contest you may not be aware of what "eliminating" a design does to our ratings as designers. We truly work hard, at least I do, on creating a perfect logo without having the opportunity to actually speak to our potential clients. I am sure it makes your decision easier, but in the future it is a good idea to not eliminate a design as we lose all points we may have received from you on that specific design. Thank you and good luck in picking your winner. Dina
  • Hi, Read the brief and you will found the required font. Thanks
  • Dear CH, What is the name of the Font you want us to use?
  • CH Thank you for your feedback! I submitted 3 more designs and will share a small explanation of each. #106 I created a faded box style on the left side to balance out the design and make it more "electronic" and "web based". #107 Added a more visible highlight above the box and also included a slight metallic texture over the "G". #108 Here I added a gradient over the "GraficoNet" to match the style of the icon better. Will await additional feedback on what you would like to be modified. Thanks! Dina