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Winning design #124 by DRGO, Logo Design for web strore logo for ruuvari.com Contest
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designed by DRGO

Project description

ruuvari.com is web store for active people living mainly in private houses. We offer different kind of garden tools, electric tools, etc. "Ruuvari" is Finnish slang word and mean either "screwdriver" or "person using the screwdriver", that's why our main customer is DIY minded person who do not hesitate to do example installation by himself or using new exiting tools or equipments. Logo could contain some special character and text "ruuvari" or "ruuvari.com", Logo should be able to use either with .com or without. Our main market in in Finland which is called country of thousand lakes. Colours are open but green or blue would fit the best to our scope. Colours I choose don't have to be exactly the same. Good examples of expected logo could be Michelin and Android.

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  • This is too close to screw only. Anyway design is simple and clear, that's what I like.
  • You got the main idea but character itself is too childish, our main customers are aged between 30-50 years. Think how this could be more mature.
    • sure :)i ll work on it more and will submit t da moment t s ready k :)

  • Idea is good but I like more if character is segragated from text. Like e.g. Michelin, Android, etc...
  • Nice colours, simple as it should be - very nice. But character missing.
    • Thanks. Characters take a while to develope. But I will give it a try if I get an idea of a suitable caracter for your business.

    • I made a quick logo character sketch now. If you like it I work harder on it :-).

  • Now this design is more mature as requested, thanks. Can this character "come to alive" and have different positions.

    • please see my #26 this is another character which more resembles to a human as u said :) waiting for your feedback.... if you like t, we ll modify accordingly. :)

    • thanks but this is not my favorite.

  • Feedback to all DRGO's desings: good parts are possibility to use character individually, also .com could be segragated. Character need further development, it should be more close to living character.
  • Desing is able to capture idea of human character. Just develop it further.
  • This is very nice desing from style and colours point of view, only question is how to use it without .com ?
  • Character head is like a direct copy from Android, that's I don't like. But otherwise I prefer character which is more close to human than screwdriver. So far most of the characters imitate screwdriwer but try to find a character which is more closer to person who like to do DIY than tool itself.
  • This is little too complex design, try to simplify
  • Very nice, clean, simple, good colors.
    • Thank you for your feedback! If there are any changes you would like to make in the design, please let me know. Thanks, Dana

  • This is still best of your designs.
    • I agree. But when the "com" is removed it loses its balance.

  • Could you also re-think colors, orange is not my favorite.
  • Could you re-think colors included, used orange is not my favorite even design itself is close what we looking for.
  • Runner corresponding too much to athletics, not to the DIY what I'm looking for. Anyway motion is captured with this design.
  • To all designers; try to get some movement and speed to the logo. Now many of them look too much as a tool shop logo. In our site doing itself (DIY) is more important than tools. Our customers will buy also something nice activity for their free time, not only tools.
  • Designs #30 and #31 are nicely different, this is what I like to see more - different ideas, screwdriver doesn't need to have so strong role in the logo. Otherwise it's look like tools shop and that's not the purpose. Doing is more important than tool, try to get some movement or the speed into the logo.
  • Text itself doesn't satisfy
  • Text doesn't satisfy, need further development.
  • I like your previous version still more than this. Somehow hat doesn't fit well to the character.