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Winning design #193 by Javed, Logo Design for Webdesign Company Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Javed

Project description

The logo should be made for a webdesign/development company with the name "Website Planeet" ( website planet ) so the name website planeet indicates that the company is a "planet" where beautiful/quality websites are being made. So that's why we want also a (abstract) planet in the logo, because we want that the logo contains some sort of planet. We think an abstract planet would be better, but we are open for suggestions. We are also open for logo's without a planet, but we prefer a one with an abstract planet, since the company name contains the word ''planeet''. We are always open for different ideas. Please be aware that the company is a company who is doing serious business so please don't use too much colors in the text of "Website Planeet." Good luck!

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  • Hi! I've submitted #5 & #7 ... if you like the concept, I can tweak it. Colors, fonts, scale of objects are all changeable. I know the brief specifies colorful, but I've presented #7 in a monochromatic scheme as an alternate ... I can always add in a few more colors if you wish. Thanks for your consideration!
  • See comment #66.
  • SIG
    About #67 Thank you for feedback. About that link, it doesn't work for me. It redirect me to transip.nl.
  • I'm sorry, this is not what we're looking for. We liked your previous design more, but the big W and the surrounding doesn't make the design very good. It's not eye-catching enough.
  • We like #67 much more. See comment on that design.
  • This looks alot better. Can you please use the colors like on: http://www.websiteplaneet.nl/doruk/color2.png and make the ending of the W in your design more round and smoother. Thank you.
  • Sure, thanks for the comment, I have graded the designs, hope this will help you as well. The opacity of the 2 grey circles around the planet should be lower, like in your previous example, right now they are to much visible. Maybe you can make it more like on: http://www.websiteplaneet.nl/doruk/ex.png . The corners should be not angular but more roundy. Also the font could be better. Try to put the focus on the text "website". Thanks
  • This is not what we want. We are looking for a more serious planet
  • regarding design #62 Hello, here is the modified design, the colors are more accented and did the text in a modern, cool font and it is professional looking. I added more effects as you asked for, what do you think? do you like the unique font or would you see another variation? if you need anything on the design please let me know. Also, could you give the designs grades? so me and everyone else would know whether their designs are great for you or need more work along with your guidance of course. Thanks!
  • We don't like the color combination of this one and also the planet is over the top. It is too much robotic/alien. Thanks
  • This is not the style like we like it, it's not eye catchy, it should be more catchy and with more color effects in it. Thanks
  • This is not the style like we like it, it's not eye catchy, it should be more catchy and with more color effects in it. Thanks
  • Dear Arthouros, thanks for your new concept but the concept of #34 was better than this one. You can stay in the concept of #34 but then with the colors what we had mentioned before. Many thanks
  • Dear CH thank you for your feedback ,i like to try something diferent than circle shape with initials inside something prototypical... hope you like my works. Best Regards
  • Hi jpbituin, thanks for joining our contest. Very creative, we really like your creativeness. We are wondering how the ‘’planet’’ will look like with these colors: http://www.websiteplaneet.nl/doruk/color2.png . The font can be more bold and maybe you can try to give the planet a more effect as it is ‘’alive’’. And maybe you have more creative ideas like this? Looking forward to your creativeness. Thanks
  • We don’t like the planet, it’s too childisch and not professional. But the style is abstract like we want.
  • We like the effect on the planet, but it’s too gray. Maybe you can try different styles with different colours and effects.
  • This planet is abstract like we want, but we don’t like it, maybe you can try new concepts.
  • We don’t like this one. It looks like a sun and the square around it is not what we like.
  • We don’t like this planet. It’s too explicit ( because of the lines ) and too gray. We would like a planet which is less gray, it should be more professional.