Had some really good designs come through and am over the moon with my new logo.

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Winning design #92 by joekong, Logo Design for WebProStudio Contest
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designed by joekong

Project description

I need a new logo for my freelance web developer business. I provide freelance web development services, mainly in the ecommerce sector of the industry. I work mainly with the ecommerce platform Magento and my clients tend to range from small startup businesses to larger corporations. The logo needs to look modern and professional in the eyes of both these demographics. My aim is to help online merchants grow their business online and in a way I would like this reflected in the logo but please keep the size of the letters consistent. The logo will be used on both a solid black and solid white background. I dont like the idea of using WPS or have any icon that involves a computer, a cursor, shopping basket, etc. Other ideas of great looking icons would be welcome but the logo has to contain the company name Webprostudio. I also want to have some kind of recognisable icon that I can use in branding exercises. An idea I had was maybe to do something with the letter o in the word pro and studio? I am open to other ideas as well though so please don't take that as compulsory. I look forward to seeing your entries! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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  • I like the general structure but not too keen on the arrows or the W.
    • Hi Ch, I submitted a new options with color schemes, changes in fonts, and small changes to the design. pls. check #12, #13, #14, #15. hope you like it. thank you :)

  • Not keen on the logo being aligned centered. Aligned left would be best. Maybe try integrating the icon into the logo by replacing the letter o with the icon?
  • The text looks too futuristic for my liking im afraid bur I do like the icon. Is there something you can do with the text and maybe align the logo left and have it on the same line?
  • Not to keen on the icon and font looks very basic.
  • Looks too futuristic for my liking im afraid.
  • I like what you have done with the letter o but the logo doesnt make me think wow. Is there something you can do with it to give it that wow factor?
  • Hi Junifer, I like the icon that you have used but not sure on the text and the font. I also like what you have done with splitting up the words webpro and studio. Look forward to seeing your revisions.
  • hello CH, i know you are profesional and brilliant web developer. :) check my entri, any feedback will be helpful. thanks before....
  • Hi All, Could someone maybe try sending through some designs of just webprostudio as text in a font without an icon? I really like some of the logos with icons that have been sent through but want to have a look at the concept of just text. I like some of the logos on the websites below: http://www.sessiondigital.com/ http://www.redboxdigital.com/ http://www.creode.co.uk/ http://www.wearecargo.com/
  • Could we try only highlighting 2 segment of the icon? Liking this font much better but not sure if it is nailing it
  • Can we try sticking to the orange and the grey provided and making the icon smaller? Maybe also try moving the studio underneath the webpro?
  • Maybe try this with the W as part of the word webprostudio?
  • Like this concept. Can you maybe try doing something with the font as it looks a little basic?
    • Thanks for your feedback. Kindly see the revised designs.

  • Really like this concept. Can we try a few different fonts and keep the logo 2 colours rather than having the gradient look?
    • Thanks for the rating,here is #34 for your consideration... did you like the colour scheme...or should I continue with Orange and Grey only..awaiting your reply... thanks again

  • Remove the text underline, text align the logo left and not centre and change the font?
  • Like this concept. Can you try lighting up only 1 segment of the icon and capitalising the text?
  • Not keen on the icon.
  • Website doesnt look modern enough.
  • Doesnt look like a web development company logo.
  • Doesnt look like a web development company logo.