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Absolutely brilliant concept!, Love it!, looking forward to my next contest! Thanks for everything, you guys have been great! o7


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Winning design #131 by Eriyanto, Logo Design for Website Logo, Identity Contest
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designed by Eriyanto

Project description

Logo, (for a lifetime) using these colors #b99c6b, or #d5c4a1, with #70604c ,as in this template. "Highlighted with chrome/white, internal or external...I'll judge :) I would like it to compliment the design, yet stand out...and have the ability to use for everything...not just the site...
See the template here:
The rendering failed in the pic, the logo (yellow box) is html code of this color, #d5c4a1 so I would like the chrome/white style to stand out.
Please add a symbol 2d?, not sure, something unique, preferably not taken from shutterstock or the like...but something that could go, no animals, no cactus, i want pro, i want clean.

**UPDATE: When using the word DesertServe, Please break away from the colors scheme, using a white, or chromed white look, if it has to be outlined with the brown, that would be acceptable, when starting the contest I wasn't able to choose the correct color back drop as described above. The Color the Logo will sit on is actually the #d5c4a1, so breaking away the words only makes sense. Variables encourgaged, as this may have multiple applications, example, business cards etc... Also, symbols, designs should encourage or compliment the word "DesertServe", yet be adequately porportioned( legible etc..) (and the site template).
As for the image area 325w x 90h is the approximent area (for the site), not sure how you guys design, but inevitably it would be reduced to fit, but I dont want to lose quality of course.

For a slogan line, lets test out, "Integrity Driven" Thanks!!

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  • hi well out of the box completely here.. i thought of this ship delivering its goods through the desert sands. i hope you like it as much as i do.
  • nice, the "D" is a bit "Thick", reduce the "integrity driven", move it around a bit, variate
  • variate, I like the concept, the Fonts are a bit too much, Dual lines kinda throw it off, perhaps, fade grey to white on the font, and give the "ds" a slight reflect, and perhaps a pinch of the dark brown too, Its missing the 3rd color. but its heading in the right direction...
  • variate, I like the concept, but seems bland...
  • originality a plus, configurations...? Color modifications variations? Interesting...
  • concept a plus, configurations...?
  • originality a plus, configurations...? Font Type, no, to noisy
  • originality a plus, configurations...?
  • Gents, I updated my brief, please check. Also apprieciating the originality. before i start scoring I would like to see a few more entries Thanks!!
  • dear CH, Letter "D" is a wonderful character, so i decided to make something out of it, then i created a font that match to it. here's my design i hope you'll like it. im open to your comments and suggestions. thank you!
  • backgrounds are not allowed
  • one design per one entry.
  • backgrounds are not allowed
  • backgrounds are not allowed
  • backgrounds are not allowed
  • backgrounds are not allowed
  • one design per one entry is allowed
  • backgrounds are not allowed.
  • dear contest holder..check the combination color of my #29 work,hope you like it,i am also willing for any revisions if you would give me a chance to increase my entry attempts,,thank you!!!