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Winning design #131 by jww, Logo Design for Weddings at Walnut Ridge Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jww

Project description

Wedding Venue
Brown county
Wooded setting
Rustic finish interior of venue

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  • drj
    @officialrapz - we like your design, but we have one minor request. Can you put "Weddings at" in small font on top of "Walnut Ridge" in large font on the bottom? #105
    • @drj hi ch thank you for your feedback.. i will change it asap.

      kind regards,


    • @drj HI CH , I already change the design according to your suggestion. #132

      kind regards,


    • drj

      @officialrapz Rather than having "Weddings at" be large "Walnut Ridge" be small, we would like "Weddings at" to be small and "Walnut Ridge" be larger.

    • @drj ok CH i will change it . ASAP

    • @drj ok CH i will change it . ASAP

    • @drj Hi CH ,. I have already change the text according to your suggestion, since the contest is closed, I just sent it via email . By the way can i have your email add. ?

      kind regards,


  • jww
    Hi, I hope you like the amendments made. Further amendments can be made during the finalization stage. Many thanks JEZ #131
  • drj
    We really like your design! We just have one minor request. Can you alter the design so it is more horizontal than vertical? Try putting "Weddings at" on the line above "Walnut Ridge" and the leaves around the sides. You're in the top two! #104
  • Kindly rate me .Thank you. #117
  • Hello,Please check my work and feedback,Let me know if any changes,
  • Feedback please #73
  • Good Afternoon Sir.
    Here is design concept. I draw a guitar as iconic's walnut ridge palace. Hope you like it, highly appreciate for a good feedback. Thanks #70
  • Colors can be adjusted according to your requirements #58
  • hidden heart shape in letter W. Main Logo is the logo that appears on plain background. Other visuals are mock-ups. They are for presentation purpose. Mock-ups often help get idea how logo looks on different mediums.
  • Weddings at Walnut Ridge #44
  • Weddings at Walnut Ridge #43
  • if any revision i will fix as soon as possible #41
  • Hello There,
    Please have a look at the concept I ave done for your project.
    Hope you'll spend sometime with it and let me know your thoughts.
    Have a nice weekend.
    N #36
  • WAWR-1B

    Demo preview B of my entry concept (#30). #32
  • WAWR-1A

    Demo preview A of my concept (#30). #31
  • WAWR-1

    @drj Hello, here's my entry concept; let me know how you like it and if there's anything you'd like to add or modify. #30
  • Hi, Nice to meet you. My design logo concept is letter "W" inside love and some outside element just show place symbol "at" like drop niddle in map. Thanks for your attention. #28
  • Weddings at Walnut Ridge #12