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Winning design #12 by oreth, Logo Design for weightlifting logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by oreth

Project description

I'm looking for a profile or slightly off-profile view of someone (male) performing a weightlifting snatch or jerk while holding the Unisphere from Flushing Meadows Park in Queens, NY over head facing to the left (think Atlas from Greek mythology). This logo will be for a CrossFit gym- CrossFit Flushing. Along with the logo of the snatch, next to it should appear the words "CrossFit Flushing". CrossFit is a high intensity fitness program, so I would like the logo to be fairly muscular- but not over the top. Colors- the word CrossFit in a dark gray (#363636 or #464646 - not sure which I prefer yet), the word Flushing in blue (#0ff) and the weightlifter in the same gray as the word CrossFit.

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  • Thanks for your entry. I love the weightlifter. I would like to see the word CrossFit to be more prominent (taller, bold) and Flushing does not have to match the size of the word CrossFit. For colors, I would like to see the word Flushing without any fading in the blue that I put in the brief. Also, the rings on the sphere to match the light blue.
  • love it!
  • looking good. Colors are great, character is great. I would like to see this in different fonts to help me get an idea of what I'm leaning towards. I don't like how the top of the lower case "t" is slanted and how the letters look bubbly when it's full sized. Also for "Flushing", I would like a narrower font with a space between each letter- I think it looks too compressed right now
  • I would like the character to be separate from the words.
  • do not like the cursive on the word Flushing
  • Hey yusmarmn, Please change the font color of the word CrossFit to match the darkness of the character. Upon reviewing my brief, I realized I liked the darker color better. I also noted the exact color in the brief for the blue that I want (#0ff) for the rings around the globe and the word Flushing. Can you try a font that is not all caps and a bit narrower/taller for the word CrossFit? I really want the word CrossFit to overpower Flushing (I really like how the word Flushing looks in submission #4 for example - each character has a little bit of space, not so crammed) Thanks again!
  • Hi mevector, The colors for this are exactly what I want. I would like to see the globe have a more depth (being able to see the other side). Also, I want the character to be separate from the word CrossFit. It looks cool though! I just would like it more to the left or right. I love the font for "Flushing", perhaps try a different font for CrossFit with a not-so-soft "r". The sizing of the word CrossFit and Flushing are perfect. I would like the character to be in more of a split stance like the end of a "split jerk" (google image for references). Thanks!