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Winning design #19 by dologo, Logo Design for Welcome Outdoors Contest
Gold Medal

designed by dologo

Project description

A website that serves as a listing service for individual charters and guides for hunting big/small game and in/offshore fishing excursions both nationally and internationally.

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  • Looks pretty cool! Instead of the antlers and you put a siloutte of a fishing rod and rifle crossing each other making an "x" centered behing Welcome.
    • Maybe we can do something as simple as leave the antlers but add a rod in there somewhere (maybe a horizontal line).  Those antlers really bring some creativity to the logo. Just play around and see what looks best. Thanks!

    • Thanks. I'll see what I can come up with. I like the antlers too.

  • copied design http://www.deerrunnerdesign.com/Services.html
  • http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/welcome-outdoors/entry/9/ You have used existing design of a dear http://www.deerrunnerdesign.com/Services.html
  • Do like the red lettering
    • Thanks! I made a new version with antlers and pay-off. #11.

  • I have a question about this. do you want negative space with deer and fish?
  • Here are a few things for the logo: Estimate Size (scalable): 750 x 235 Target Market: Males 30-55 yrs Hunters + Fishermen Style: Preferably No Initials White or Mild Textured Background Ideas: Various animals as a "skyline" Examples: See attached OTHER NOTES: Love the "outdoors" font on the one logo submitted I can add the slogan after the vector files are delivered
  • Could the designs incorporate something such as a fishing rod/rifle or some other imagery to emphasis that we deal with various hunting and fishing excursions. Also out slogan is --Your Trophy Awaits--
  • hallo... CH... Please check my entri # 26, Any feedback will be helpful. Thanks
    • Good looking design. We are wanting to the logo to emphasize the we are a hunting and fishing company. I think that adding a fishing element to it as well as making a more modern design that catches you attention is the way to go. Thanks

  • Hi joshualong22, I am focused on example of logos that you are attached, and I am maked the variation of that-mountain, hunting and fishing. What you think is that a good start #28 and #29. Thanks, krisdesign
    • I do like your overall design. I think it just need something to make it "pop". Maybe a simple chage in color just to grab your attention. The Welcome Outdoors wording just kinda blends into the background doesn't catch my eye. Thanks!

  • Can you make the Welcome banner a little more prominate. Thanks!
  • Can you resubmit your first logo. With your original submission can you add a flying duck somewhere between the deer and fish and have a little more than half the duck outside of the circle. Also keep the scope lines, just change them to black. Thanks!
  • GOOD AFTERNOON I send here my two designs any suggestions let me know and I will be amended hope you like
  • Hi Josh- I have submitted #14 for your review. Thanks! HK7
  • This is my favorite version so far! Can you put on another version with a similar grayish tone background that is in the sample pic I placed in the brief section (.003jpg). Thanks!