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Winning design #94 by egner, Logo Design for Wellness Insight Contest
Gold Medal

designed by egner

Project description

We need a new logo for a health & wellness clinic.  We offer chiropractic, integrative medicine, massage & med spa services.  We are looking for a unique, clean & modern logo to represent total health & beauty.  We have a major focus on diet, nutrition, exercise, and living an overall healthy lifestyle, while combining this with modern medical procedures such as lab testing, etc.

We need to be able to make a sign with it that will go on the front of the clinic with backlit individual letters and logo.  With this in mind, please no thin lettering or lines in the design.

We like colors or shades of greens and blues, but we are not totally restricted on this.  We do not want the logo to heavily rely on color, so it can be translated to black & white or monotone if needed.

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  • Wait for your feedback and rate #144
  • About #141, @naz21 hopefully a little change can be received ..thk
  • lighter version #136
  • A very subtle representation of health , wellness and insight graphics #125
  • Thanks for feedback. I done all the changes you asked me for. Please take a look #100, #102. Is it better now?
    • @egner Yes I like that better. Thank you for making the changes.

  • Wellness Insight Logo #117
  • feedback please.
    thanks. #96
  • i like this design a lot as well, especially with the body shape and rounded corners. Could you incorporate the colors from 80, I like that color scheme a little better. #94
  • Hi please check correction you asked for and let me know what you think.

    My best,
    operhal #89
  • This is a very cool design. Thank you for the different layouts. #67
  • Thank you for the design. I love the font, coloring, and letter spacing. Could you make the spacing between the diamonds more symmetrical? They look a little off. Otherwise a good design. #28
  • Thank you for the design, I really like what you have so far. I have two requests: 1) Could you make the outline of the body a little more athletic looking by narrowing the hips, make the upper body a little more muscular, and make it a little whiter? 2) Could you change the font to all lowercase, make it a little smaller, increase the spacing slightly, and make "insight" a different color? Thank you again. #71
  • Hello CH. Could you please tell me if I am going on a right direction. Please take a look at my new entry #61.
    • About #61, @egner Thank you for coming up with a unique design. I really like where you are going with that. I like the color of green you used, but would you mind adding a little color variation to it? Possibly a yellow-green and a turquoise blue within the design? Similar to the sample logo "Toronto Bodyworks" I posted in the brief.

    • @wellnessdoc44 Thanks for rating and feedback. I done the changes. Please take a look #75.

  • Blue and green version. #72
  • Please check my logo. #70
  • Feedback would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  • Best regards from my Team. KRIESI #68
  • Best regards from my Design Team. KRIESI #67
  • Best regards from my Design Team. KRIESI #66
  • Best regards from my Design Team. KRIESI #65