Wellness Works!, a workplace mental health program

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Winning design #40 by PeachyKeenWeb, Logo Design for Wellness Works!, a workplace mental health program Contest
Gold Medal

designed by PeachyKeenWeb

Project description

Project Description: Mental Health America of California is looking for a logo for its new Wellness Works! workplace mental health program. The program was created to promote mental health in the workplace and to reduce stigma and discrimination related to mental illness. The project’s goals include the development of materials and trainings targeting employers to implement best practices to support employees living with mental illness, to support employees affected by mental health issues in their families, to increase employee productivity, and to decrease absenteeism related to mental illness. The following are some specifics that will need to be incorporated into the logo: - Must include the words “Wellness Works!, a workplace mental health program.” - The program targets employers and must be designed to appeal to that demographic. - Please see the uploaded Mental Health America of California and Mental Health Works logos. Please design a logo that somewhat flows with these two logos in regard to colors, fonts, etc. Thanks!

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  • #1 Hello Contest Holder! Thank you for hosting this contest! I've created my design #1 to be instantly recognized as one of MHAC's programs. Let me know if you would like anything changed or if I can be of any other assistance.
  • Hi CH, I have submitted my first design for your review....#21 Thank you, DM
  • Dear CH, would you be so kind to rate our designs thats how we will know are we on a good tracks :)
  • I love what I am seeing!! Great work! Please keep in mind that the "!" after Wellness Works! absolutely must be included in the logo. Thanks for everyting!
  • Wow! What great designs!! I love what I am seeing for the most part. Keep it up!
  • Hi! #10 uses a sunrise to denote the bright future on the horizon for all parties involved ... employers & employees ... when mental health issues are dealt with positively in the workplace. The design uses a similar font & has the same simplicity in design as the examples that were provided. Please let me know if you'd like to see anything different. Thanks!
  • Ooops! I forgot the exclamation mark in #8 :) I included it in #9. I look forward to your feedback on my designs. Thanks and regards, Emma
  • Hi! Thanks for the feedback on #10. I've tweaked the rising sun a little & submitted #40 & #41 as variations on the theme. Please let me know if there are any elements of the designs that you'd like to see improved. Thanks!
  • Hi CH Please throw in a couple of words about #38 and #39. Best wishes, Andrei
  • Hi Contest Holder, I submitted draft design #33 and #34, in which I have tried to highlight the aspect of support by using the orange circle in which I used an abstract representation of people holding hands (viewed from above). I hope you like it. I used different colors to show that the program embraces different kinds of mental illness, different backgrounds, etc. But if you don't want to have so many different colours, I can also use different shades of orange or blue inside the circle. I look forward to your feedback. Thanks and regards, Emma :)
  • #27 #28 #29 Exclamation Points for you... any more request or thoughts? - Marvel =)
  • Yes Yes!!! My apologies, coming right up =) Thank you, Marvel
  • Hi Marvel! I love your designs (along with others) :) Please add the (!) though. That is an absolute must for our project. Thanks!!
  • About #24 Colors shown in reverse... I kept with the colors you requested.... Thanks again - Marvel
  • Dear CH, About #11 Thanks for the great rating, all questions and request are welcome... You're doing great!! - Marvel =)
  • Thanks for your comments! I am new to this system and your guidance is helpful! I will work on rating submissions.
  • Dear CH, I'd greatly appreciate any feedback concerning the overall design or elements of my design entries #51 and #52. I would like to submit another entry to you if need be. Thanks so much for your time!
  • I have submitted my designs for your review..#58 Please give feedback. Best regards
  • I have submitted my designs for your review..#53 #54 Best Regards
  • Hi zcreason , I just posted some more designs...#52! Look forward to your feedback thanks!