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Project description

Project Description: WeMedic is a young, innovative and ambitious company focused on changing the way healthcare is being done. At WeMedic we believe that everyone should be in title of a medical second opinion regardless gender, age, income or race. With this in mind we at WeMedic try to develop ways to improve what, in our opinion, is a very outdated healthcare system by combining healthcare and IT solutions. For our corporate website we are looking for a logo that should communicate professionalism, trust, well-being, harmony, purity, innovation and will to survive. • This logo should look good on light and dark backgrounds; • We need to be able to separate the symbol from the text; • We would like to receive the logo in .ai / .esp / .psd. ----- Slogan to incorporate in the logo: Empowering Health Care ----- Color preferences: Blue, White (maybe Orange, Magenta, Red) BUT NO GREEN!!! ----- Industry: • Healthcare • eHealth • IT ----- Target Audience: • Our target audience is people of all ages, of all incomes, investors, stakeholders, medical specialists and hospitals (public or private) ----- Some logo concepts we would like to to encourage you to keep in mind when designing our logo!!! http://d1r5i20o8cadcu.cloudfront.net/designs/images/15289/original/logo-design-center-communication-agency.png http://www.thelogomix.com/files/imagecache/v3-logo-detail/modena-beauty-centar.png http://www.tassimo.com/~/media/Tassimo/com/images/tassimo_logo.png http://www.logomyway.com/marketPlace/kiteureka_21412/SOCIALnETWORK.jpg

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  • Hi, thanks for this entry. We like the design but would like to see try to implement the following: - Make the symbol smaller. In this design it's just to big in comparison to the text 'WEMEDIC' - Make the orange line (the letter M in the symbol) as thick as blue line (the letter W in the symbol) - Apply the same gradient effect you applied for the blue line on top of the symbol for both ends of the blue but also the orange line. - If possible make the colours a bit more vibrant. Thanks!
    • GMZ

      I have posted the design with the changes you recommended. Give it a look and let me know If there are any other modifications you want. Cheers

  • We really liked your creativity. Unfortunately the use of the cross gaves this logo a church like feeling. We would like you to try to illustrate an creative, modern, elegant IT company with your design as we're an IT company that happens to focus on developing e-health solutions but we are NOT a healthcare company.
    • Thanks for the feedback. I made a little tweak with the icon not to present it like church cross. #83. Good luck.

  • Hi, thanks for this entry. We like this a bit more than the prior design. But we're not feeling the symbol yet. Please keep sending designs in. We like the direction you're heading too.
  • Hi, thanks for this entry. We liked the elegance of the logo. Unfortunately we now feel likt the symbol does not illustrate what we do as a business. We would like you to send more designs as we like the look and feel you're going for.
  • Hi, thank you for your entry. This design does unfortunately not meet our criteria and expectations. We would like to encourage you to be more creative!
  • Thanks for this entry. Let's try to use magenta and blue for the symbol and black or dark gray (of combination) for the company name and slogan.
  • Hi, thanks for this entry. Unfortunately it's still not going in the direction we would like it to go. The colours are too dark, dull, sad. We would like you to try to come up with e more energetic design. A design that jumps out.
  • Hi Electra, thank you for this entry :) Too bad for the symbol. Be do like the the way you enrich the colours though and we like you to keep the colours as vibrant as in this design.
  • Hi thank you for your entry. Unfortunately we did not like this design mainly due the font you chose and the symbol. We would like to encourage you to send in something more creative. Take also e look at the highest rating logo's in this assignment. Maybe it will give you an insight of the direction we would like you to move in too.
  • Hello CH, any feedback would be greatly appreciated, especially why change of mind? Thanks.
    • Hello Electra, thanks for your entry. We try to provide everyone with a feedback but we're getting so much designs that is becoming a bit impossible to provide everyone with a feedback at once. We liked your design as, specially the one on the white background, displayed some great and vibrant colours. Unfortunately the longer we look at the symbol the more it makes us think of the old sony walkman logo. You're for sure on the right track so we would like to encourage you to send in more your creative designs. Cheers.

    • Thanks for your feedback, it is really helpful. Now I see the resamblance too and will try a different direction.

    • You're welcome :)

    • #62 Just another 'walkman' logo in the meantime, until I find a new direction :)

  • Hi, Trying hard to meet your choice. Hope design #61 is rather closer to you. Your kind feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot for so quick feedback.
  • Thanks for this entry. Unfortunately this design does not reflect what we want to communicate to our clients. We would like something more elegant (the gradient ain't doing it) and modern.
  • Hi, thanks for your enrty, Unforunately we feel like this logo is way to heavy and does not communicate Elegance, modern and slickness. We took a look in your prior designs and like for example the DECONCTRETO logo design and would like to encourage you to elevate the creativity a bit more.
  • Hi, thanks for your entry. Unfortunately we dit not like this design. We would like something more modern, elegant and complex. The colours need to be vibrant as well.
  • Hi, thanks for this entry. Unfortunately we did not like this one. The logo needs to be more dynamic as we're a dynamic company. This logo is very boxy. We also don't like to have green in the logo.
  • Hi, thanks for your entry. We did like the symbol en would like to see it in different colour or different colour combinations. We did not like the font used for the company name. We would like to encourage you to make the logo more elegant and modern.
  • Hi, thanks for this entry. Unfortunately we did not like this design. The colours are a bit dull and we would like more vibrant colours in our logo as we're a very dynamic company. The cross (+) is a bit to prominent as well. We're not a healtcare company but an IT company focused on developing e-healt solutions.
  • Hi, thank you for you entry. We liked the font and colour used for WEMEDIC and the slogan. We did not like the symbol that much. Maybe it you try to be more symmetrical with the lines and different colour combination for the symbol.
  • Hi, thank you for this entry. This logo feels to heavy and the colours are a bit doll. We encourage you to be more creative with the colours and design.
  • Thanks for this entry. We like this design and would like to see how it looks if you change the following: - WEMEDIC in normal font size (so the WE doens't have to be bold) - The WE in black and MEDIC in dark gray - Slogan in the same dark gray as MEDIC - Slogan in full caps - The colours in the symbol need to be more vibrant. See how vibrant the colours are in design 29 for example - Try other colour combination in the symbol At the moment is this logo one of our favourites but let's try to make it more corporate and elegant now.