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Winning design #27 by richidesigner, Logo Design for West Coast Merchandising Inc. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by richidesigner

Project description

Vending Machine company that provides just about any type of product that can be sold through a vending machine. Our customers range from shopping centres, municipalities, theatres, tourist attractions and much more. We supply right across Canada. Types of product include but are not limited to:

This is an existing company that we have recently purchased and we are looking to rebrand. The logo needs to reflect the following aspects:

modern - to show that we have the latest on trend products

professional - we do business with large pension funds, corporations and municipalities - and we need to come across as high quality, reputable and best in our field.

fun - the customer experience need to be fun, positive and create happiness.

Bright colors

Strong icon that can be used in other materials and is easily recognizable

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  • this page may help you in your decision-making: http://www.gtgraphics.org/genericlogos.html
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  • The basic form of this logo is inspired from the flag of Canada, and made with the initial shape of a pentagon.
    For red color inspired froom the flag color of Canada, and can be interpreted as a symbol of bold, and strength. Bold in the sense of daring to innovate, and strength in the sense of being a strong company in their field.
    For the red color in the logo there are three shapes which mean the letter "W" the initial letter of West Coat Merchandise Inc. For the blue color, I made according to the color reference contained in the brief.
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