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This was a great experience. Our designer, lizonil, was so helpful and accomodating to the many change requests. We ended up with a logo that we are extremely happy with!


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Winning design #62 by lizonil, Logo Design for Westfield Veterinary Group Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lizonil

Project description

We are incorporating our general practice logo with our emergency services logo.  We would like clients to know that we offer emergency services 24/7 but also have a general practice. So essentially, we are two businesses in one.

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  • Just want to let you know that this is the one we are going with. I don't know whether or not we can end the contest early. I will look into it when I return to work tomorrow. Thank you for all of your hard work and putting up with all of our changes. Lisa #62
    • About #62, @lkorn Thanks Lisa, it is no problem with the changes. You can pick a winner and close the contest whenever you want. You have 7 days after picking a winner to make any changes to the design. Liz : )

  • Thanks Liz! Can you add the "emergency services" back to the bottom of the cross as in #50? Mae to this one and #59. It's funny how we've come back to a very simplified version! Looks good! #60
  • slightly larger text at bottom #60
  • I have only made that one change. But I would suggest either enlarging the other text slightly, or even adding a different text to fill it a little. But this does look nice and clean for a logo. Let me know what else you want to try : ) #59
  • Here we go again! You keep putting up ideas that we like even more! Can you redo this one, exactly the same, but just totally remove "& Emergency Services". Just center Westfield Vet Group across the top! Thanks. #58
  • This looks great but one more thing. Is there any way you can play around with the word "with" as in #48 and can you also try the same coloring as in #33. Much appreciated!! We're getting very close! #50
  • Hi Liz,
    I think you misinterpreted the length of the cross. We want the overall length, icluding wording, to match the upper part of the cross. Right now the bottom part is a hair longer. Just a hair. I know I asked you for the "sunburst" effect, but could we also see this witha dark navy, the color used in #31. I feel like we're so nitpicky, but we are getting close! #40
    • About #40, @lkorn Oh yes, I see... will do that : )

  • Also, could you remove the textured background? It is making for a very slow load when we try to view it larger. Thanks. #40
  • Hi, here it is with the cross symmetrical and the 'emergency services' text moved down. On the previous designs, the 'ES' text was supposed to take the place of the bottom of the cross to keep it even within the circle. I am a little afraid that now it may look elongated and a bit like a tombstone... not the message you want to send I am sure : ) #43
  • @lizonil can you make that this portion of the cross is symmetrical with the rest #40
  • @lizonil can you make that this portion of the cross is symmetrical with the rest #42
  • Hi Liz, we discussed at a meeting today and this is our favorite design, with a few alterations. Can you do this design with the coloring of #27 but please use the "sunburst" effect and same color blue for the cross as in #28. Thank you so much.
    • About #5, @lkorn Thanks for your feedback, I will make those changes for you now : )

    • @lizonil One more thing. You can eliminate all of the writing outside of the circle. We decided that it's best used for advertising and not our logo. Thanks!

    • @lkorn WHOOPS... just seen this comment, I will take the outside writing away : )

  • Check please #36
  • Check please #35
  • Check please #34
  • Check please #33
  • Hi, I tried something different with this one, just to make it stand out from the crowd a bit. I think you are better off with a blue cross, good call. Apart from the fact that the red cross has so many copyright restrictions, it does look a bit too 'emergency vehicle'. : ) #32
  • And can you also remove the outside circle and let the words be the outline? Would like to see how that looks #27
  • Can you do this one without the grass? Just a solid cross? I like the combination of blue and red. #27
  • Could you do this one without green and just blues? More royal blue than turquoise. We're thinking maybe without the red we can downplay emergency services a bit to give more of a nod to our general practice. Thanks!! And maybe one without the grass. Some have commented that it looks like fire. But perhaps in the blue not so much. #1