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Winning design #52 by NinjaYeti, Logo Design for wewearyourshirt.com.au Contest
Gold Medal

designed by NinjaYeti

Project description

Wewearyourshirt.com.au quite simply wears a company’s t-shirt. It has a team of dedicated, fun employees that proudly wear a company’s t-shirt while going about their day. The benefit for the company is everyone the team comes into contact with as well as being broadcast over Twitter and Facebook will view their logo. Our main customers will be marketing managers of medium to large companies that are looking for a new and fresh way to deliver their message. We are looking for a logo that is fun, modern and exemplifies the innovative nature of our website. All though we have selected character or word mark as well as some colours we are open to any suggestions. If you have any questions let us know.

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  • #14 this is very interesting as well, can you re-work the main title, I think there needs to be more contrast between the word mark and the world cloud behind it.
  • #13, I like the character but it's too young, the target is marketing managers, so some thing that is sleek, innovative and screams, yes this is the answer you've been looking for.
  • #12, it's interesting, I think there's something there but at this point its too far in the cartoonish feeling. It's the best word mark so far, maybe try to bring it back a little bit. The primary target is marketing managers so it is a young, professional crowd.
  • #3, I saw that, very creative. Can we re-work the 's', it feels like an orphan, maybe a super hero type emblem or more rectangular to fit with the rest of the design, I look forward to what you can come up with. Try no shadow and I think the word mark needs to be re-worked entirely.
  • Hope you will like #3, the letters WWYS were formed into a shirt :)
  • Hi Heclorido, I love the shirt, it's really eye catching and something different. I feel the word mark needs to be re-worked, is it possible to see the type a little thicker and the letters within the word one colour. Thanks
  • Hi TGP, I love the character and the word mark. Just a few tweaks, first, it 'wear' not 'were'; second, can we re-work the colours to something that's a little brighter. Thanks
  • About #111 Dear CH. Please look at my design #111. Especially at the negative space between A and U. (AU is also a reminder that You are from Australia.) Hope You like it. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  • Hi Brian, #106 #107 #108 #109 #110 I've tweaked my logos to make it more legible and also included an option with a shirt outline, which further emphasises the shirt. I feel it's the strongest in its one-colour state, as you can then put it on any colour shirt, not having to worry what the secondary colour would look like. I'd be happy to make any changes you may have. Cheers :)
  • Dear Brian, Please give feedback for my entries #98 , #99 and #100 The concept is, 1/2 of the logo is an abstracted T-shirt and the other 1/2 is the company name placed in a way which complete the T-shirt overall shape. Regards,
  • CH, In entries #89 #90 and #91 I did a playful design and used active colors. I would really appreciate a feedback from you. Thanks!
  • Thanks mate, appreciate the comments. I didn't actually use a font, the entire logo was drawn by hand, so it's unique as! The idea of the red pocket was also how we Aussies have a saying "wearing your heart on your sleeve", well in this case, wearing it on your shirt. So the "U" doubles as a pocket and as a heart. So there's actually a deeper meaning behind the logo. :) Still, I'll try in a easier to read 'font'. Cheers!
  • Looking Good. Love the font and the T-shirt. Can we try the T-shirt slightly different, a little more abstract maybe and without the hand in the center. Sorry I accidentally eliminated you submission. Thanks!
  • Hi NinjaYeti, Love this concept!! Can we try it in a slightly different font, so it's just a little clearer to read. Thanks!
  • Hi Rares, Love the font used in 'wewearyourshirt.com.au'. We would however prefer not to use the abbreviation 'WWYS' can we possibly try re working this with out the abbreviation. Thanks!
  • Hi Rares, Love the font used in 'wewearyourshirt.com.au'. We would however prefer not to use the abbreviation 'WWYS' can we possibly try re working this with out the abbreviation. Thanks!
  • Hi Rares, Love the font used in 'wewearyourshirt.com.au'. We would however prefer not to use the abbreviation 'WWYS' can we possibly try re working this with out the abbreviation. Thanks!
  • Hi Finestroke, Looking good. Thanks for your revisions. love the font, can we try it with out the oval and maybe an abstract image of a T-shirt included. Thanks!
  • Hi Cyanmatt, Love the font. Can we try it in a bright red, can we also try including a symbol of some sort on the left hand side, maybe a t-shirt. Thanks.
  • Hi Sundezzo, Looking Good! Can we try extending the black around the 'wear ' and 'your' so the letters are more visible. Can we also try the '.com.au' a little more compact and not a spaced out. Thanks!