Whartons Mining Services

Our 3rd company & contest and we couldn't be happier with the results. Design Contest make it an easy & hassle free process to find a great company logo. 177 entries, where else in the Graphic Design industry can you get bang for your buck like this? Thanks again Design Contest.

AU$500 paid

177 custom designs

48pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #124 by designlab_SHOZEB, Logo Design for Whartons Mining Services Contest
Gold Medal

designed by designlab_SHOZEB

Project description

Mining Labour Hire Company to supply qualified experienced people to the Australian Mining Industry. Mechanics, Electricians & Boilermakers. Would like to see all options from corporate, classical designs to bold & simple. Will be using logo on business cards, buildings, vehicles & uniforms.

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  • Other concepts of my design.. #163
  • Hi Norayr, can you please change the picks to spanners. Can we also change the text style to the same as #95, This Logo is 'stacked', text under the logo. Can you also do one that is Horizontal, text to the right of the logo. Cheers #98
  • please feedback #150
  • this page may help you in your decision-making: http://www.gtdesigns.it/overusedlogos/
  • Whartons Mining Services #111
  • Whartons Mining Services #110
  • Whartons Mining Services #109
  • Other concepts of my design.. #104
  • this design doesn't work for us very well.
    Thank you #90
  • The Australia symbol as the W takes away from the name and makes it look like Hartons #8
  • i can see what you have done with symmetry of the M and the W but it really doesn't fit as it needs to be consistent. It would have to be WMS #83
  • i would like to see the W in the centre piece replaced with spanners or just a plain W. thankyou #96
  • can we please swap the silver in the circle to gold
  • Other concepts of my design.. #91
  • #4 #82
  • #3 #81
  • #2 #80
  • #1 #79
  • how about this one? #59