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The experience was great and there were more artists than anticipated. Herbert Nordal did a wonderful job and came up with an idea we hadn't thought of and really impressed us.

$275 paid

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Winning design #53 by HerbertNordal, Logo Design for What the Farm! Contest
Gold Medal

designed by HerbertNordal

Project description

We are a startup medical marijuana production farm. We specialize in the growing and processing of marijuana with medicinal values based on terpene and cannabinoid profiles. This is cannabis designed to treat medical conditions such as alzheimer's, cancer and pain (The type of cannabis with little to no psychoactive components but a higher amounts of the medicinal properties).

Right now we're looking for a logo to go along with our name. Because of the name we need it to be somewhat playful however we do want a sense of class and science because in the end, our target audience are people looking for pain relief and not necessarily looking to get stoned. 

Some details we are looking for:
- would prefer not to have the cannabis leaf built into the name/logo (it would still be ok but overall were looking to stand out from other farms and many already utilize the pot leaf)
- Looking for classy overall and a more simple logo, nothing too flashy.
- Not looking to be tied to any religion like the yin and yang or the cross unless they are done really tastefully/subtle but they shouldn't be a main focus. 
- Can use plants in the image, does not necessarily have to have the cannabis leaf or plant.

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  • This is clever I have to give you credit for creativity here. #40
    • Thank you. I hope I can win. :)

  • The green and yellow here make this almost look to be a wheat farm. although I really like the Logo, I'm not sure it's a proper fit. #42
    • About #42, @whatthefarmor
      Hi, I've changed the colors. And tried to brought out the abstract "WtF"initials through the grass. Hope it more proper right now. #55 please. thank you

  • ;) BADA BING! #57
  • Overall this is too simple and doesn't say enough about the brand. #47
  • I like where you are going with the missing piece in a and the addition to the R. Clever and interesting for sure. #53
  • As of now this is my top pick, overall the design is fun and professional looking. #41
  • I like the science reference but not really sold on the overall design. #38
  • I'm not crazy about the leaves wrapping around the F and how much it is made into the centerpiece of the logo. #44
  • heart beat/grass, health cross/exclamation mark.

    @whatthefarmor #54
  • #49 please feedback if you need any changes
  • I like the way you've made the cross out of the two pieces. Maybe my favorite logo so far. #37
    • @whatthefarmor Thanks for the comments, you wanted to make some adjustments?

  • trying to include the peace symbol to your logo. After all its what it will give to the customers right? hope you like it @whatthefarmeror #43
  • Good logo but I don't feel like it really relates to what we are doing. #33
  • I'm looking for more than just the name, however the leaf is a nice touch. #28
  • I'm not a big fan of the 4 leaf clover design in the middle of this one. #31
  • This is good, I like the leaf but i'm not so sure on the logo. #39
  • I like the way you used the leaf to create the "!" It's a good start overall but it still feels a little too simple being one color and just a name without much of a logo. #29
    • About #29, @whatthefarmor
      Hi, thanks for feedback. I have upload a revision with added an icon on it. #39 please. Hope you like it

  • love to hear your feedback! @whatthefarmor #36
  • another terpene approach #35
  • Pill Inspired Logo #33