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Winning design #65 by MES, Logo Design for WheyChillin Contest
Gold Medal

designed by MES

Project description

I am looking for a logo for my healthy ice cream and frozen dessert shop. 

Our focus is on healthy and nutritious ice cream. Theme Colour pink, blue and white.

Prefer to use "W" as the logo.

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  • A logo needs to be original and memorable for the greatest impact.
  • A logo needs to be original and memorable for the greatest impact.
  • the word 'whey' I prefer to be blue Colour, and the pink a top dull, prefer bright colour #78
    • About #78, @hswong86 how about #79 ? thank you

  • Hi, could you please amend the "cone" to "tub"? We are selling tub ice cream. Tq
    • @hswong86 hi !there are my revised design, best regards #76 #77 #78

  • Not good. Please change the icon and try another font. Tq #69
    • raa

      Is it a soft serve or traditional hand dipped ice dream or both?
      About #69, @hswong86

    • @raa hi, hand dipped, but we would like to have 'tub' cream ice cream in our logo. Like haargen darz 100ml.

  • @hswong86, Hi CH, I have created #70 & #71 for your consideration. Two different color schemes for the same design. I took a different approach and unified the symbol and text into one whole identity. Your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • Change the symbol and try another font. Tq
  • raa
    Another option #69
  • raa
    Revised option #68
  • try to replace cone with tub ice cream. The colour is too dull. Maybe you can use brighter colour. Tq. #66
  • raa
    Option 2 #66
  • Ok. Your direction is correct. Try other font, and different pattern of W. Tq #45
    • @hswong86 thank for the message CH.. i have uploaded options for the logo.. please check CH.. thanks..

  • Good work. Could you try to insert slogan "An ice cream that love you"? #54
  • PLease amend it to tub ice cream instead of cone. Try to use W as the logo. Pink and Blue as theme. Tq #52
  • raa
    Comments and feedback welcome #53
  • Try different pattern of the background. And use pink, blue and white as theme.

    Please try one with 'w' as the logo. Tq #1
    • @hswong86 thanks for the feedback CH.. i will submit the new design.. thanks..

  • Please try one with 'w' as the logo #30
  • Hi mes, 1. please try other type of word font. 2. Try darker colour. 3. Amend the 'ice cream' picture, it looks like 'nipple'. #34
  • The ice cream icon doesn't look decent. Lol. But you are on the right direction. Try other icon. And also try another font for comparison purposes. Tq. #33