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Winning design #155 by vlada, Logo Design for White Dog Tickets Contest
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designed by vlada

Project description

The website will invite customers to sign up for its ticket selling service by explaining how easy it is to use, so I want the logo to match that theme. The FedEx home delivery dog logo (http://www.fedex.com/us/fedex/shippingservices/package/home_delivery.html) is a good place to start. I'm not looking for cute, but energetic, ready to serve. I'm planning to use twitter bootstrap for layout and components, so I want a color scheme that matches their primary colors. I'd like the dog holding 3 green tickets in its mouth and wearing an orange collar, both colors matching the green and orange in bootstrap. I'd like the company name, White Dog Tickets, across the bottom of the logo in a font I can reuse in headlines on the website.

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  • Dear CH, I hope the colors match with the Twitter Bootstrap. With my Entry #2 I tried to go for a mixture between rescue dog and house pet. Considering you wanted to show reliability. I did make a slight change with the Collar though.
  • Dear CH, Do you have the exact color codes for the green and orange you requested? Would love to match the colors how you envisioned. Thanks, Marvel
  • Dear CH, Glad you like #19... I will refine this design even more..
  • Good: like the look, simple, clean, shadows Fix: make tickets bigger, see #23, stronger font, make 'Tickets' bigger, same width as 'White Dog'. Can you make the dog look more active somehow?
  • Hi CH, Thank you for positive feedback #23 Font: yes, the font is available to use on your web page and i will provide you the font. Can I see what it looks like with 'Tickets' in the same font? The Font i use on the word Ticket is the same font i use on "white Dog" Thank you.
  • I like the changes: ears, tail, colored text. Can I see what it looks like with 'Tickets' in the same font? Is that font available apart from the logo for use on the website?
  • also like collar adjustments in #19
  • Meant to eliminate this one, not #19, like the green text better
  • Dear CH, Please disregard #21 (clearly a black dog lol)... please see new concept #22 Thanks - Marvel
  • Dear CH, About #5 Thanks for the great feedback... hopefully #19 looks more like a dog collar, rather than a belt... I also used green for "White Dog" in #19... Let me know if you have any more request, Thanks again - Marvel :)
  • Good: love the tickets: big, recognizable at small size logo, not just green rectangles; dog is simple, 3D with shadows on legs; font, text is same width on both lines; skateboard Fix: helmet on dog makes it harder to recognize, give it pointy ears; also pointy tail
  • Good: like the motion, fast action feel; like the colors in the text; looks good on white background and probably look good on black background Fix: dog is too soft, looks like a rabbit; tickets hard to see at small size;
  • Good: love the look of the dog; text is same width on both lines; stands out on white background; Fix: tickets should be closer to end of mouth, like dog is ready to give them to someone, tickets could be bigger; use the colors in the text: WHITE in white with black outline, DOG in orange, TICKETS in green
  • Dear CH, pls check my design entries #17 and #15. i hope you like it thank you.. Is there any way that we can view your site to have a better concept? Thanks. Best Regards, Finestroke.
  • Good: dog and tickets are easily recognizable; looks ready to serve Bad: font looks sloppy; arrow;
  • Good: text is same width on both lines, easy to read; dog is compact, like the superhero look, ready to take action; looks great on white background; tickets really show up at smaller sizes Bad: collar looks like a belt; consider using the colors in the text
  • Good: how the logo stands out on the black background, which would work well with the Twitter Bootstrap nav bar across the top of the webpage; using the colors in the text; the clear font; the orange swish gives sense of action Bad: how the logo is washed out on the white background, hard to read; dog needs more definition, see other logos
  • The colors from Twitter Bootstrap are: orange = F89406, green = 46A546
  • Dear CH, #6 is an example of how the font could be used for your website headline along side the White Dog Tickets logo.. the font is very clean and lays nicely horizontal...
  • Dear CH, #1 displays a dog "ready to serve" as you requested in your brief... while #5 displays a dog on the move "energetic" not "too cute" but likable, almost superhero like... Let me know if you have any thoughts or request, Thanks - Marvel