This is the first time I'm using DesignContest, but I was totally surprised by how simple and easy to get my desired logo design. Great customer service and user experience.

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Winning design #65 by egner, Logo Design for WhiteTree Contest
Gold Medal

designed by egner

Project description

My company need a logo design that suits the philosophy of the company. 

My company is an eco-friendly online retailer of clothes,jewelry, sleepwear, and other accessories, that focused on a natural aesthetic. Our principle is to develop simple and unique products that are soft, innocence, and classy by using the soft and natural materials. Our vision is to inspire women around the world with a forest spirit, which is always being curious to nature and not being limited to certain standards or trends. 

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  • Hi there, thanks for the early rating on my design #16, I was just curious if you have any suggestions for improvement on it? Or any variations you'd like to see (colors, etc.)? I'll be happy to upload some additional previews for you.
  • CH,
    Can you please tell me why you eliminate me?
    • @cp105bc I'm so sorry, this is the first time I'm using design contest, still not very familiar with all the features. Your design is good, actually I just simply ask a lot of people to rank the best from all the entires, and they seems like others more than yours. However your design is preferred for a lot of younger people.

    • @cp105bc Thank you for feedback. Anything you like me add design.

  • Hi there, I have created #55 #56 for your consideration. Looking forward to your feedback.

  • Hi, egner, can you please give me a picture with just the logo, no background clothe? like your #50.
    Thank you! #14
  • Please, tell me if you want something else to be changed. Thank you! #57
  • I like the simpleness your design, but could you please make it a little bit more sophisticated, it would be better. #27
    • @WhiteTree - Thank you very much for your feedback. Here are the revisions - #45, #46, #48 & #49. I am hoping you will like them. Let me know if you need any other changes. Best regards

  • please check this and give any feedback #34
  • About #30, @bradydevore i know i wrote white wrong XD
  • I like your design, could you please change a different style of the words, I would like to see if there has a better option. Thank you! #1
    • @WhiteTree Thanks for your comments. I have submitted #29 with a more modern typeface. Let me know what you think. I can try various styles until we get it right. Thanks, Elliot

  • Hello,
    I am hoping you will take my design proposal #23 in consideration. The tree logo is based on a letter W as a treetop, so all together creates both tree and cotton head if you like (natural materials).
    If you have any requests or suggestions, please let me know.
    Kind regards
  • Any feedback would be great! #18
  • CH,
    I uploaded design #11. Please feedback. Thank you..
  • Hello,
    I uploaded another design #10. Please feedback. Thank you..
  • hello whitetree,
    I uploaded design #8. Hope you like it. Please feedback. Thank you..