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Winning design #166 by RubanRenato, Logo Design for WI Track and Field Coaches Association Contest
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designed by RubanRenato

Project description

This contest is for a logo for the Wisconsin Track Coaches Association (WISTCA). Our association consists of over 1,000 high school track and field coaches from around the state of Wisconsin in the United States. We are launching a new website this fall and we are hoping to launch a new look as well. Our old logo incorporates our acronym, the state of Wisconsin and the internationally accepted symbol of track, the winged foot. We are interested in exploring options that would be a new variation on our original logo, however we are also hoping to see designs that take us in an entirely a new direction. Something that is simple and modern. We would like to keep the same color scheme, a mix of red, white and black. We will need a version that is dynamic for web use but can also be toned down for embroidery and screen printing. We will do our best to offer as much feedback as possible. Good Luck!

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  • I like the look of the simple design, but it will need something that makes it unique.
  • I would like to see this with a more robust and custom W in the middle and can you reverse the image of the runners?
  • Looks a bit too much like clip art.
  • Like the creativity here. I would like to see some different fonts for the WISTCA and maybe some variations on the track spike.
  • I like the custom look of the W made out of the track. I would like to see some variations on that and possibly changing the WISTCA font to something a little more bold? ?
  • Great start! I like the custom font. Can you give us some variations on the stop watch? Could the state of Wisconsin be worked in somehow?
  • Gigantimo- I have uploaded our logo for the second time. I hope this time it will work. As far as what we are looking for, here is the quote from our brief; "We are interested in exploring options that would be a new variation on our original logo, however we are also hoping to see designs that take us in an entirely a new direction."
  • What does your old logo look like? Did you want something different or did you want a modified version of your old logo
  • Hi again! I only managed to submit one revision with the right text on it. It seems my designer level only allows me to upload 10 drafts per contest, and my last submission has reached my max that I'm allowed. I also cannot withdraw my previous entries as per their guidelines. I'm very sorry about this but you can see the projected set up with my latest draft. Thanks!
  • Oops! Sorry about that Sir. I've taken you're suggestion literally. I'll rework the designs and resubmit them as soon as I finish. Thanks!
  • Hey Contest Holder, Any feedback on #26? I simplified the W and put more emphasis on WISTCA.
  • I like the logo but I meant "association". Only a few of our members would possibly be catogorized as asses.
  • I just post a new design #41 with the changes that you ask. Let me know if you need something else. Thanks
  • About #40 Tribal flaming horse.. I mean shoe.. or horse.. Ok its a double effect.. They sprint like through breds when on track. THanks
  • I have submitted a couple of concepts using the set up from my Stream Designs logo, like you've requested. Please let me know what you think on the new designs. Thanks!
  • Appreciate some feedback on designs #14 and #15. just looking for some direction how to change it more to your liking. Thanks, Dsquared
  • About #20 I think this is what you mean by the xigo logo Sorry I had made so many variations on that but most had a base / background just like this #27 Lmk if I am wrong or not and if something to this nature would be good Thanks
  • We like your Stream Designs logo. Can you try a set up like that using the W and shoes on the side with Wisconsin over Track Coaches Ass. To the left. We would also like to see it without the runners on top. Thanks!!!
  • Can you give us something like your One-xigo logo?
  • We would like you to try a different direction.