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Winning design #866 by SR, Logo Design for Wild Eyes Contest
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designed by SR

Project description

We have a temporary website up at wildeyes.tv for a little on the upcoming company. Disregard the color scheme on the website as it will be changed to match the logo.

We license 16/32mm stock film. Our film is primarily focused on nature/outdoor film. This is "movie film" not still photography. Think planet earth or National Geographic channel.

Ideally we would have a logo that expressed both film and nature but is not tied to any particular animal. I do like logos simple and clean. It needs to be able to print on a dark or white background. Needs to look professional and not too playful.

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    • Dear @chance1

      About #980 dan #983

      If there's anything you need. please feel free to contact me here. I'm happy to help you. :)

      Thank you :)

      Best Regards,

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  • :) #1012
  • My proposal design 08 #1001
  • My proposal design 07 #998
  • My proposal design 06 #997
  • Hi .. is this like this? thanks. regards. #996
  • Could a see a version just in black and white? #955
  • Could you play the iris a small black play symbol? Also could I see what this would look like on a white background. #751
  • Respected client
    self made font define the nature by green colour scheme
    And the name eyes express by different colour #965
  • Respected client,
    This logo design is same but colour is changed to black to make it professional and simple #964
  • This logo saws nature by green bounded line and logo name is express by tiger eyes
    Square design to keep logo simple
  • This logo design made of film peace with tiger eye
    So this logo express both film and nature
    The fonts in logo is simple to keep logo design professional #962
  • Respected client,
    This logo design is same as first but colours are changed.
    This design is glowing on dark background due to it's bright green colour
    I added bounded light line to square that's why this design look good with any background
    Even we put this logo on same background of its colours #961
  • Respected client,
    This logo is design on three basic requirement
    First it's express film by camera
    Second it express nature by colour scheme of green
    Third it define name wild eyes
    It means the reels are that two eyes which takes you to nature adventure
    This logo is embed in the square so it looks professional
    The colour scheme is looks attractive both on bright and dark background due to it's light colours #959
  • hello
    hope you like it #949
  • Wild Eyes #948
  • Hi, i send you my proposal, entirely hand-made. Thank you very much #947
  • hallo

    this is my entry

    any feedback will be very appreciated

    thank you #919
  • Hello, Hope you'll like it. I would love to know your feedback. thanks #912