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Winning design #31 by sanzoobhat, Logo Design for Wildlife Place Farms Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sanzoobhat

Project description

This would be a logo for a 1200 acre recreational farm/hunting property for whitetail deer.turkey,tree planting,farmimg etc,with several ponds and trout stream with Oak, Pine,Maple trees,fields.

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  • thanks for the feedback, sure i will do the changes thanks
  • The side profile of the large buck would dominate the picture and be a two or three mirroredimage.
  • Hello, Can we try a large Whitetail Buck with a side profile with a two or three mirrored image? Instead of a fish maybe a strutting Tom Turkey.The head of the whitetail will dominate the Image. Can you do on square image? Thanks.
  • Hello, Very nice, but my land is located in Wi, hills but no Mountains. Let try a larger side profile of Big Whitetail Buck with two or three mirrored antlers,and maybe a strutting Gobbler instead of fish. Thanks.
  • thanks for the feedback..i'll make another submission soon cheers
  • The animal displayed is an Elk,I would like a Trophy Whitetail Buck,with more natural colors,green, blues,earth.
  • Hello, I like the look of the name, but you have an Elk. The animal should be a Big Whitetail Buck with wi habitat. The farms are located in Wi. Thanks.
  • Can we add some blue sky to bottom turkey?
  • I like the direction this is going.Thanks.
  • Hello,I like your drawing very much.Can you give me some other color options other than white around the name and circle? An d maybe a shadow effect on the name. I like the font.Thank You.
    • no worries, ill have a go now before closing time :)

  • Best regards, I corrected the design, but still remain in the badge solution, I think it is the best solution as well as to avoid writing font! But I'm still open to other ideas #9,#10,#11 and #13. Cheers, krisdesign
  • Hello!! what do you think about #20? Regards!!
  • Dear contest holder. I have submitted #26 - What do you think about? please let me know if you want me to change something. Best Regards / SchwanerD
  • I like the design. Can you give the letters a shadow effect,and/or black outline.
    • |--|

      tmanioncwp {*wrote*}:
      I like the design. Can you give the letters a shadow effect,and/or black outline.
      |--| I have submitted another version of the design with a black outline around the text.

  • I submitted #24 for your consideration. I would greatly appreciate some feedback. Thank you.
  • I submitted design #28 and I hope you like it. Please tell me if you want some changes. I would do it with pleasure. Br Victor
  • You have used EXISTING DESIGN!!! Source: http://www.stampedetradingco.com/htmlPages/lazart/images/lazart600/WTDM24WCW.jpg; entry: http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/wildlife-place-farms/entry/23/
  • Hello, I like. Could you put a circle around the artwork and use a different font with shadow effect? Thanks.
  • If you delete #33, you should be able to make the changes. I am close to selecting #31 as the winner. Thanks Tim,
  • Hi Contest Holder, This is regarding #31. I have exhausted my three uploads. can't post any more in this forum, please check with the Admin how to go about it. thank you, appreciate it.