Willow Creek Apartments

Submissions were good on this contest. Unfortunately, your system needs some help. When we arrived at a few final directions we wanted choose from, but wanted to ask the designers for some modifications, we had to do it on the open contest and other designers continued to submit. We wanted to close the contest to new submissions, and work only with the finalists. Too bad we could not do that easily. Also, when removing logos that were not what we wanted, your entire system reorganizes them. It does not work well for my clients. I likely won't be able to use your system again. It's too much work. Other contests work better.

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Winning design #106 by digitalmojito, Logo Design for Willow Creek Apartments Contest
Gold Medal

designed by digitalmojito

Project description

We need a logo for a new apartment development located in Prescott, Arizona. The Willow Creek Apartments is a new 160-unit garden-style luxury apartment community in Prescott, Arizona. 

The new community will offer studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment and carriage houses with detached garages. Residents will have amenities, including granite countertops, in-unit laundry facilities, plank flooring and extensive landscaping. Community facilities include a clubhouse with full-kitchen as well as outdoor BBQ community entertainment space, courtyards and a 24-hour fitness facility. 

We would like a logo that has a sophisticated, natural look of luxury. While luxury, it's not LA or NYC luxury, it's more like Telluride, Tahoe type luxury.  

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  • Hello,
    Your design here, the bottom version, was selected by my client. I would like to share our color palate with you for some slight modifications and I will confirm through this system. Please email me directly at: PattyJohnson@Connections-marcom.com so I can email you. Thank you! #106
    • @pattyjohnson Hello, We would like the final logo to be sent on the P4 background, and using the other colors that were sent for the icon and name "Willow Creek Apartments" Please email a few options so we can finalize. Thank you!

  • Hi pattyjohnson!
    Here are my proposals: #106 , #107 , #108
  • please checked it,thanks #100
  • Here is on the paper. #93
  • Here is my solution for the logo #91
  • need comment please. thanks #76
  • need comment please. thanks #75
  • This is my Mock up logo for you boss! I hope you like it. Thanks :) #67
  • This is my Mock up logo for you boss! I hope you like it. Thanks :) #66
  • Hi Contest Holder, This is my Willow Creek Apartments design for you. Please give me a feedback on my logo design so that I would know the changes in this design. I hope you like Boss! Thank you :) #65
  • different color #56
  • hope you like it. #55
  • Hope you like. Thanks. #54
  • please correction design, thanks
  • @pattyjohnson What do you think? #36
  • please checked it,thanks #32
  • Hi, Can you work on a few color variations of this? It's okay to move outside of the colors that were suggested. Multiple colors might work well here. #12
    • @pattyjohnson what you mean it okay to move outside of the color?

  • I like this concept and the colors, but the cattails don't really resonate with Prescott. Can you replace them with some other image of nature that's appropriate for northern arizona - not a cactus though. bush, pine tree, wild flowers, tree....etc. #7
    • @pattyjohnson Great! Thanks for the feedback. I will work on a revision for you.

    • @pattyjohnson Hi, please see new entry with pine trees. #8. As always your feedback is appreciated. Thanks again.

    • @sikdesigns Thank you! If you want to also create one with a generic tree as well, that could be helpful for me to show the client.

    • @pattyjohnson Sure no problem. The idea behind the pine trees, is that they form the letter "W".

  • hay sir this design from me, i hope you liked this design. please give me feedback if you like. thanks :) #4
  • hay sir this design from me, i hope you liked this design. please give me feedback if you like. thanks :) #3