Windermere Poker Club est. 2009

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Winning design #63 by hollander, Logo Design for Windermere Poker Club est. 2009 Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hollander

Project description

Need a logo for membership hats/hoodies other imprintables

Would like it to have a background image of Lake Washington with Mt Rainier in the background  (if both not possible then one or the other)

In the foreground, two playing cards - a 9 of clubs and a 4 of diamonds

Perhaps a circle logo with the image and cards in the center and the writing around the circle.....

Windermere Poker Club can be shortened to WPC 

Perhaps WPC around the top and est. 2009 around the bottom

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  • Hope you enjoy! #75
  • Dear @DSS ,
    Please check my design and give me feedback
    Thanks #73
  • how? #72
  • @DSS
    Please find entries #64, #65, #66, #67, #68, #69, #70, #71. Feedback greatly appreciated
  • Hi, I made the adjustment you requested. Thank you! #61
  • DSS
    Can you show the two cards with standard colors? black for 9 and red for the 4? thanks #5
  • DSS
    Can you switch the order of the cards? Also, can the colors of the cards be standard (i.e. black for the 9 and red for the 4?) #27
  • DSS
    is it possible to to make the mountain bigger and the cards smaller? Also, is there any way the banner is more towards the top (and maybe the cards in front of the lake a little? thanks #30
  • DSS
    Can you try a different font for the text around the ring? Also need the cards to be switched.
  • Hi @DSS
    Please find my entry #50, #51. Feedback greatly appreciated.
  • @DSS Hi, I was wondering if you can see my comment, and reply? I think there may be an issue with the comment section.

    Thank you!
  • I hope for your feedback, I am always ready for revision or change to my logo design if needed.. Thank You #45
  • Check new design. Thanks. #44
  • Hi. Thanks for the comment. Check two new designs of Mt Rainier. I hope to you it will be pleasant. Thanks. #43
    • DSS

      @mmkdesign thanks let's see what the team wants! Small point - this you would never know....but from our house, we'd never see the sun right behind Mt Rainier. It is south/southeast to us. We'd see a nicely sunset-lit up mountain from the southwest (i.e. on the center/right side of the mountain) as we face it

  • Hi. Thanks for feedback. I have made changes of design. I hope to you it will be pleasant. Thanks. #38
    • DSS

      @mmkdesign thanks - Mt. Rainier has a very characteristic familiar profile for folks in Seattle. This still doesn't look like it. I like your layout but many of the other logo entries look a lot more like Mt. Rainier. Can you work on this?

  • DSS
    Thanks can you switch/reverse the position of the two cards? #17
    • @DSS Of course, please check #30 and #31

  • DSS
    Sorry maybe you did this already - can you make the clubs black and the diamonds red? #8
    • @DSS Yes, I did, please check #28 #29 and #15

  • DSS
    Like this one a lot - can you un-squish Mt Rainier? It has a very characteristic outline and this is compressed here. #13
  • DSS
    This is great. Can you make the clubs black and the diamonds red? #8
    • @DSS Thanks for the feedback. Please check #14 #15 #16 and #17

  • Thank you! Your rating is appreciated :)