WindQuest - windsurf competition in Switzerland - the best wind - the best speed - the best jumps

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We are looking for a logo for our contest. In the logo the words "Neuchâtel WindQuest" must imperatively appears. Please refer to the website on and the detailled presentation on to see what we've done up to now about our competition. The logo will be used on the website, posters, t-shirts and beachflags.

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  • Too classic, old font, not funny
  • Nice job, could you please try with logo on the left and different fonts ?
  • Try with another image (race + freestyle windsurfer)
  • Better with logo on the left
  • Wrong direction, it's not a sailing contest but a funny race and freestyle WINDSURF event
  • Please inspire about the windsurfer here : The images you use are old images of windsurfers from the 90'... :-) Or search "windsurf" / "freeride" on Google images... Thanks Cyril
  • Hi guys, Thanks for your first propositions. This is a windsurf contest, not a sailing one so please use a windsurf and not a boat if you use a picture. I prefer the image on the left of the text than above (need more place). Thanks and good luck for the next try. Cyril
  • #43 hope you like it.. i translated very sharp Winds into pointed straight arrows.
  • About Design #38 and #39 Good Day CH....Here is my design...It shows large windy waves...And also I choose fonts looks windy.....
  • About Design #36 and #37
  • about #30 Here I tried to capture more of the look of wind and the move.
  • #28 I hope you see now the shape of wind indicator (formed by flying surfing sailboards) from airports and heliodroms! Thank you and kind regards, Margus
  • about #27 Here is my revision, I hope that this is more of the element for the surfer you are after. Thanks
  • Storm or strong wind could really be a good point because if you read you'll have learnt that everything's depend on the wind : 10 dates -) one choosed if wind > 10 knots. Thanks
  • I guys, all your proposals are 90's images of windsurfing... please go on google and inform yourself about 2011 moves and images, I NEED SOMETHING COOL !!! THINK ABOUT THE WORDS : FUN, MODERN, DANGEROUS, WINDY, STORM, ETC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Up to now the is no winner, please try again from zero !!! Thanks Cyril
  • Need more fun
  • Too formal, no fun
  • Too formal, no fun
  • old old...
  • I like colours and style but the image is not the good one... who knows it represents wind ?