Windy Hill Construction

We thought there was several good ideas and made it hard to make the decission. Thank you to everyone with your ideas!


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Winning design #134 by DM3, Logo Design for Windy Hill Construction Contest
Gold Medal

designed by DM3

Project description

I am a aerial utility contractor in Wyoming, USA. I work on phone lines, tree trimming & removal, setting poles & using a bucket truck.

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  • mockups not allowed in logo contests please read the designer guidelines and rules
  • Hello I think you liked my idea, but what can I do to keep the logo the way you want, what you would like me to change?
  • About #15 Open for any critique or direction Mahalo
  • Dear CH, I've upload my design #55 and #56. My idea is make the logo from the hill image and have the windy accent. your comment please. regards, Steven
  • I have #61. What do you think? fonts, colors, anything can be changed to you liking.
  • Dear CH, I have posted #82, #83 please check kindly, hope you will like these. with best regards, Arbin
  • Just submitted #109 #108 #107 #106 for review with different fonts/ placement. If you like different aspects of each, I can combine what you like to make a final design. :)
  • About #75 #76 #77 #78 #80 #81 #110 #111 #115 #116 Few different variations of logos and also layout styles #110 and #111 are either telephone poles or trees hince your services provide for both also I did not put any cross posts on the poles for you will end up losing the details during some reproduction process especially at small sizes like business cards and stationary. #116 A fresh take on colors. Pop with out being so bold. A bit more inviting. Black and white also provided for viewing on how it looks when printed from xerox or faxed. Open for critiques Mahalo
  • Could you try some different font? Sorry to be picky. Maybe some script or something not so blocky? Or if you could curve it over the top of the design? Maybe Windy Hill over the top & construction on the bottom? Thank you for your time.
  • I'm really starting to like that:) Husband will be home later & I will show it to him. Thank you for your time!
  • Dear contest holder, #102 is my updated design with the red and black let me know if that was what you were looking for. If there is anything else you want changed (font, text size, design tweaks, different colors) please let me know :).
  • Entry #100. I hope you like my design. I used the phone lines and the windy mountain. I made it strong and stable for a construction company.
  • Could you try some different colors? Maybe snow caps on the mts? We are not really into the green and blue on our trucks.
  • Could you try this in red and black?
  • Could you ark windy hill over the top of the mts & leave construction under?
  • DM3
    Hello CH, I updated #126 to #134. Let me know if there's anything else you want me to change. thanks,
  • Could you ark the Windy Hill over the tree & poles & construction under? We do like this one.
  • clipart and photo trace is not allowed in logo contests, all artwork in logos is to be 100% your own creation
  • DM3
    Hello whcnst, I uploaded the zip file containing 5 different folders, .pdf, .ai, .cdr, .eps, and .jpg format. Thanks again for choosing my design as the winner of this contest. cheers! Emerson
  • DM3
    #134 Hello C.H. Thank you for choosing my concept. Let me know if there're any modifications you want me to change, and I'll be happy to fix them. cheers! Emerson/DM3