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Winning design #1817 by designrealMe, Logo Design for Winter surf/yoga clothing  Contest
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designed by designrealMe

Project description

Winter is a high-end surf and yoga focused swimwear /clothing company. 

Winter surf/yoga represents independent female surf lifestyle celebrating female athleticism, diversity, and style in the lineup and yoga studio.

The logo design should embody strong yet feminine energy.

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  • Hallo @Misha1

    Please check and give me feedback.
    so that i can improve my work as you need.


    Best regards
    goodday :) #1460
    • About #2211, Hallo @Misha1 If there is anything you need, please feel free to contact me here. Thank you. Best regards, goodday :)

  • HI .. love your work ! Can you please give me more options for the" Winter surf yoga" type face? can you leave out the "clothing " Thank you #1317
    • @Misha1 thank you for liking my design. yes i can make the design as you wish

    • @Misha1 thank you for judging my design and i will make changes if you want it

    • @Misha1 thanks for commenting, yes i can make the design changes you want. my design is suitable for clothing and can be in production

    • @Misha1 Hi sir How is it going, .. if you choose my design. I will update the design as you see fit. I want this contest to end soon. thank you

  • thank you for the great ratings CH...
    • @nicolets hi CH, thank you for the ratings, about my design this logo has a stand alone logo with the name of the company, the stand alone logo can be use in any media format and APP.. thank you CH...

  • Hello! Please check this logo design and let me know if you need anything changes. Thank you! #2440
  • Add star #2437
  • pls any comments. #2436
  • Add background color #2431
  • Add little circle as separation of tagline #2430
  • Please provide feedback and rating. Any changes I will do.
  • Tagline make small and separation make little circle with two colour please check #2390 #2391 #2393 #2395 #2396 if you like any one or two I can change colour or font thank you
  • Tagline make small and separation make little circle #2399
  • Logo make small #2396
  • Two colour
  • winter waves #2377
  • HP
    Give a review. #2373
  • ... #2366 Hi Contest Holder,

    Honestly, I am just curious with my chance to win this contest.
    I have a few questions regarding to this contest.

    Do I have a big chance to win?
    Do you already have the winning design yet?

    If you still need revisions from my design please let me know.
    Looking forward your reply.

    1. Thanks in advance.


  • Hello
    Contest Holder
    kindly request to you please check my work. #2303 #2304 #2305 #2306
    thank you.
  • concept design combination of the letter w and whale tail #2337
  • i hope you like it, thank you #2327