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Working with Sandra was an absolute pleasure. She communicates openly and willingly and is highly professional. We are thrilled that she made the process so easy to navigate; she was extremely patient with us and responded promptly to our requests, always in a positive and encouraging manner. We have no reservations in recommending this designer and we look forward to working with her again. :-)

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Winning design #390 by Babba, Logo Design for Wintergarten Consulting - Contest
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designed by Babba

Project description


We're seeking a logo design for our small business consultancy. We offer project management and learning & development consulting services to a range of organisations across the private, government and not-for-profit sectors in Australia.

Some of the associations we would like to make with our logo include: a sense of professionalism, expertise, trustworthiness/reliability, approachability/relatability, and positivity, without seeming overly corporate.

We hope to evoke a sense of stewardship and renewal, moving from the bleakness of a metaphorical winter (where projects may be stalled, losing money, facing significant resistance etc.) to a state of empowerment, opportunity and growth. Perhaps this sounds a little corny but it's kind of the underlying 'energy' driving our business, and it also connects to our business name (which translates to 'winter garden' in English).

** Please note our brief-related comment at the bottom of this page **

While we prefer a clear, minimalist style with sans-serif fonts and have considered a winter palette for the colourway, we are open to all ideas! We're hoping to avoid logos that clearly present the initials W/C, as 'WC' is often used to designate toilet amenities in public spaces (or in architectural diagrams)!

Colours - at present we're thinking of soft greys, blues, greens and buffs, maybe accentuated with some complementary darker hues such as deep plum, indigo, garnet, smoke/charcoal etc.

Attached is a file that shows examples of colours and font that we like, although these are just ideas - we trust in you to come up with something creative that sets your logo apart!

Many thanks for your contributions to this contest.

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  • how do you think about this one?
    thanks for your feedback #388
  • Hi Kkey,
    Thank you for your submission. We really like this design, however it resembles the WeinsteinFilm Company logo too closely for us to be able to choose it for our business.
    We appreciate your efforts and welcome any further submissions you make care to make.
  • About #351, @Babba
    Hi Babba,
    Thank you for your revised and new submissions. I also like this one (#351) quite a lot - it evokes the idea of a nest (which is protective and nurturing) as well as the twigs of a winter garden, or even an electrical element (the spark of a new idea?).
    I wonder if you might be able to make the lines of the 'wreath' a slightly heavier/less fine ... While I love the design as it is I'd really like to compare it to a version that is maybe a tiny bit simpler/less detailed.
    Thank you so much for your contributions and response to our feedback :-)
  • like this? #371
  • like this? #369
  • Hi Juddie, thank you very much for your kind feedback. Please see the revision #347, and also new proposals with more floral/flake abstract shapes - #350 & #351, and "Wintergarten" as a wreath concept #352 & #353.
    I am wondering what do you think.
    Kind regards,
  • how do you think about this one?
    thanks for your feedback #328
  • Hi, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #327
  • how about this one? #325
  • how about this one? #324
  • ? #323
  • please cek? #322
  • how about this one
    ? #321
  • please chack
  • please chack
  • About #309, @modesigns
    Thank you!
  • The 'W' shows steps to growth. #305
    • @chelsietroxel22 Hi chelsietroxel22, Thanks for your submission! I like the fact that you've incorporated the concept of growth and renewal in your design, and that you've presented several colour options. While I understand the 'steps to growth' reference, I'd be interested in seeing this design with a standard 'W' too (but still including the bud), and also perhaps with 'consulting' in a slightly larger font. Could the design also be adapted to include a couple more colour options (such as a soft blue or inky blue and white)? We welcome any revisions or adaptations you may choose to submit, and we thank you for your time :-)

  • please chack #317
  • dear ch, please check my revised design, thank you :) #309
  • Feedback Please. #297