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Winning design #31 by mapostolski7, Logo Design for Wise Warriors Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mapostolski7

Project description

We are starting up a new business called Wise Warriors . The class is a 30 minute circuit course for kickboxing. We have a previous logo, but the name has changed, so we need one similar but with the new name. We would like for the design to include black and red, a female kick-boxer and the astrological sign Jupiter. Previous logo is shown below. The new logo does not have to look anything like the old logo, but just included it for reference. We still want the logo to just be Wise Warriors though. 

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  • Just wanted to make sure you saw that you are the winner and would love to use your design. We do have a few minor re-touches that we would like done. Please message us back. Thanks! #31
    • @apw273 Thank you for the choosing me as a winner. Yes I am ready to make all required by you changes but first you need to award me with a gold medal. Please ask the Design Contest Help Desk how you can do that and then they will release a drop box were I will be able to sent all necessary files for you. Regards, M Apostolski

  • Hello @apw273 this is my design for your new business logo. Hope you like it, thanks. #81
  • Really like this, but could you take out the Kick 30, we decided not to add that in. But love the girl and the sign combination. #7
  • If you could add some yellow in, that would be great. We are trying not to look too similar to our competitors. #8
  • About #10, @TP_Rentillo this is the visual of my revision entry #35. Hope youll like it
  • silahkan cek desain saya #38
  • About #19, @Micah007
    Okay thanks, I will work on it.
  • I like how this almost looks Yin and Yang. But we decided to take the Kick 30 out, and add the color yellow in. #25
  • I love the uniqueness of this! But we are trying to focus more on kickboxing, so if there is another icon you could do instead of the jiu jitsu belt that would be great. And we decided to take the Kick 30 out, and add yellow in. #24
  • I like the outline, and the font. But if you could add some yellow in that would be great, and maybe work in the sign a little bit more. #11
  • I like the outline because it kinda represents the timed intervals that have going on. But if you could take out the Kick 30 and add some yellow that would be amazing. #10
  • Really like the uniqueness of this, but it feels a little busy. We don't really need the Kick 30, so that could be taken out. #19
  • cek desai #24
  • Check it. #16
  • Please check it & give me feedback. #15
  • Please check it & give me feedback. #14
  • Please check it & give me feedback. #13
  • Please check it & give me feedback. #12
  • please your feedback

    regards #4
  • please your feedback

    regards #3