Plus points: Lots of design choices. Easy to get edits from the designers. Quick turnarounds. Gave us lots of new ideas. Great resource. Negative points: Website is bit clunky to use - having a notification after every step is annoying. Some designs were wildly off brief and some designers seemed unqualified to submit designs.

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Winning design #533 by BTZKI, Logo Design for Wishbook  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by BTZKI

Project description

Additional Comments having reviewed initial entries: 

Prefer a lighter typeface - some of the bold ones feel too heavy - would prefer it to feel elegant. 

Don't want the strapline under the logo please.

Would like to be able to have a separate Icon from the logo text (like Instagram). Or to be able to use a letter or symbol from the logo as an icon.

Not so keen on reversed out logos though good as an option. 

Don't want on faces in the logo please or shopping carts - all too cartoony. Also avoid use of books as bit too literal & not in keeping with what we are offering. 

Definitely want something  more curved rather than angular. 

Keen to stick to the colour choices indicated in original brief below. 

New ecommerce website dedicated to Delivering Happiness requires logo. The site offers the chance to win Luxury Designer Accessories worth £££ for the price of your morning latte. In brief the site will give the chance for people to win luxury goods and the winner will have the gift hand delivered. 

Logo needed for multiple uses (from web & social media to all print - this would be wide ranging and could include: business cards & stationary plus vehicle branding, branding for promos/ pop ups, balloons, gift wrapping etc).

The site is aimed at both sexes so logo shouldn't feel too masculine or feminine. Colour wise therefore not pink or blue as too much gender identity around those colours. We have been leaning toward orange as an accent colour (Pantone 1448) but again are open to ideas. However with orange we feel this needs to be an element of the logo - as per Amazon - or used with black and white as per Harley Davidson, Penguin Books and Rockstar Games. We feel the black helps to balance it out so it feels more classic than cheap.

The emphasis of the logo should be on the 'Wish' (we do not sell books so do not want a book design) and the design should be giving  a feeling of something being magical/ whimsical. Needs to feel premium, elegant, trustworthy. 

We want to have something that feels like a luxury designer brand - classic & elegant. We had been considering the idea of a Louis Vuitton style pattern to give a more luxury designer feel as that is what the site centers around.

The logo needs to either have an icon with it (like Instagram) or to have part of it used as our icon  as this will of course also be used for multiple uses including our web bookmark & for social media accounts where you can only see a tiny icon on your phone where quick recognition is key. Ultimately though it should feel stylish.

Thanks for reading this. 

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  • About #618, @giani_lt really like this however it's not the winner. Thanks for entering though
  • About #653, @Thinkative really like this but it's not our winner. Thanks for entering though.
  • About #593, @Kkey wish is too hard to read.
  • About #642, @Husna sorry this is not right for us
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    sorry don't like the font
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    sorry don't like the font
  • About #617, @gbdesigns1977 sorry this is too hard to read
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    sorry don't like the font
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    sorry don't like the font
  • About #640, @NastyDesign sorry don't like the font
  • About #634, @makarem sorry don't like the font on any of the entries
  • About #645, @JCreation
    sorry don't like the font
  • About #648, @cid2 sorry don't like the font
  • About #657, @matajiwa sorry this is not legible enough
  • About #650, @coemie sorry don't like the font
  • About #652, @pujanggalangit not on brief
  • any feedback would be greatly appreciated .... thank you #657
  • Hello there, I have sent design entries in your contest. I hope you like it. The feedback you provided is very helpful. Have a nice day. Thank you. #637