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Winning design #63 by poetaa92, Logo Design for With Certitude, LLC Contest
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designed by poetaa92

Project description

Leadership and career coaching, with a focus on building confidence by teaching you how to overcome the fear of public speaking.  I have an image I am branding around - the cover photo on my blog (http://welshlaw.typepad.com/overcoming_the_fear/) of a light post over the Chicago Bean - thinking of crimson or rust/red image against a black background or vice versa.  But open to any ideas or colors.

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  • @mswelsh hello ch i have submitted my design #87.any comments or improvements regards
    • --------------------

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    • @poetaa92 - Poetaa, this is your last warning for leaving comments regarding other designs in comment section!!! If you have any concerns, contact admins & moderators in Chat with Mods Forum Thread or Court Thread.
      @Bariah, same goes to you too.
      Stay professionals.

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  • my logo idea #88
  • thank you! I like this one a lot. could you use red instead of green? #60
    • thank u@mswelsh i have submitted #71#74 with different colour format.hope u like any of these regards

    • thank u@mswelsh i have submitted #71#74 with different colour format.hope u like any of these regards

  • the logo on the far right of this trio is one of my favorite designs - can you put that up by itself? #54
  • the lower left hand design is the best of this one. #53
  • The one on the far right is the best of these. #54
  • The one on the far right is the best of these. #55
  • About #54, @poetaa92 Wow! So good! And can you show them with green instead of the red?
  • I like the blue for each of the three middle shades - what if we changed the black marks to the crimson or scarlett? #53
  • Could you show me four or five versions of different shades of blue? - looking for a cobalt or royal blue.
  • About #50, @poetaa92 AWESOME!!
  • My ultimate logo would have a red or a blue circle as the first layer, with the word "With" out to the left of the circle in the same color as the circle, and the word "Certitude, LLC" in white as a layer superimposed on the color of the circle. And the image design (in white or in white/black) also superimposed on the color of the circle.
  • This design is what I am looking for. Maybe with the right half of the image (everything but the "with") superimposed on a red or a blue circle. #39
  • Please Check #45
  • About #23, @poetaa92 Can you try these with a Georgian font?
    • Hello. I make new project with another font? But for sure what excatly thats mean Georgian font? I make a font some like a georgia font. And i make a project with only big letters. GIve me example please.

  • Please check #34
  • please check out my designs, please feedback from you. thanks & regards :) #33
  • About #8, @poetaa92 - this design is the best. Can you use a royal or cobalt blue on white field and white on the royal or cobalt blue field. With no black. Same question with the red on white and white on red.
    • Thanks about rating. I am vey happy. look to my new re-design ;)

  • About #8, @poetaa92 and how about using Georgian font?
  • About #4, @rafihn I like your design. What if you made the lower center half of the design shallower?
    • About #4, @mswelsh okey,,, I will try