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Project description

We need a logo designed for our business. We are called "Woerthship" The word worship is derived from the old English word Woerthship. The meaning of the word “worth” is obvious, but ship... What does that mean? in the old English it means "to shape". Simply put, our worship shapes us by that to which we attribute worth. If we worship money, money shapes who we are. If we worship fame, fame in turn becomes a defining factor in our lives. The same is true of God.


We are a business that helps church ministries through relationships that we build with our partners. We focus on helping grow worship leaders within ministries. We also are a team of writers and are currently working on our first worship album. The logo will be used for the website, videos, and our music albums. We are looking to release and go public right before the release of the first album. Also please feel free to use designs without religious symbols. We wont be offended if there isn't any religious symbols in the design. Its OK to think outside the box, we encourage it.

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