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Project description

We need a negative space logo for our modern apparel company in the making.

What we do:
Our company sells high quality apparel for entrepreneurs, male and female. The clothing is designed really simply and modern. The idea is to make comfy clothes which can be worn for business but also for leisure. It's a movement against the traditional suit & tie old white business guys. (Please note: It's not the standard entrepreneur "hustle hard" style but rather elegant clothing with a small logo printed or embroidered and a quote like "hustle hard" printed on the inside only for the owner to see.)

The alpha wolf is the leading symbol for our company. Why? Because he is a loving male when it comes to his family but as soon as he wants something (hunt or fight), he is a brutal alpha who will do anything to reach his goals.
WOLFMIND therefore is a call to have a wolf mindset. Be a loving person and treat your next one as you want to be treated but when you want to reach your goals, do anything (ethically right) to achieve them. Work hard and laser focus.

We would love to have a negative space logo which we can use standalone or with the font "WOLFMIND" (as the sharkhead in the gymshark logo which is attached below). It will be printed and stitched really small on the chest of a shirt for example. The logo should definitely be a wolf's head and a big focus must lay on his eyes. 
Also remember that it MUST BE SIMPLE! We must be able to stitch it as well as print it really small. 
Examples of existing logos we liked are attached as well (Please note: these are only kind of how we like the logo to be. Our logo has to use negative space better and it has to be really simple.)

The logo will be used in blue, black and white. It should be designed using only one color.

If you need any further information, I'll be happy to help.

I'm looking forward to the project!

All the best,


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