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Winning design #37 by chakori, Logo Design for World Food Crusade Contest
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designed by chakori

Project description

A new non-profit organization wherein donations are sent to WFC for the sole purpose of purchasing food, water, and shelter supplies for humanitarian and disaster relief areas world-wide. Supplies are contained in a large cargo container to feed 1000 people 3 meals a day for 3 weeks. Each container has been readily prepared and available to ship anywhere in the world once a disaster strikes. Avoid using just the WFC initials-we want the entire name in the logo

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  • suggestion: could you put a 'knife' between fork and spoon, and put 'water' or bottle with water pouring from it in second '0' in word 'FOOD'? Thank you.
    • sure..........!thanks for the feedback i'll definitely provide you the variation :)but cant do that as i m new on this site and my limit is to upload 3 designs per contest and i have already done it so sorry for that :( thanks anyway

    • Hi ....... i've made the variation according to your suggestion and i will submit it when you will eliminate one of my design from #23 and #24 so that i'll be able to submit this one. thanks:)

  • Hello CH! If you have comments regarding my design #20, please let me know. Thanks, Aniketb
  • Hello! If you have comments regarding my designs #21 or #22, please let me know. They are expansions on my concept #2. I'm happy to make any adjustments. Thanks, schwede9
  • Hi, I just noticed I made a typing error in the logo I submitted, very sorry for the mistake. If you think the logo has potential, I'll fix it in the next version. In my entry (#19), I tried to combine water, food and shelter in one image. Best regards, lstyrman
  • hey contest holder i wish you like my design #34 any suggestions is appreciated
  • Dear CH: Wow! Sorry for the colours... -look weird once uploaded. Anyway, I hope you like the typo game. Best regards.
  • Hello, review the proposals #60 and #61 - I appreciate your comment earlier.
  • SCH
    Hi CH, #57 & #58 - The designs concept is based on donations of food, water, and shelter, Thank you:)
  • Dear CH, i have submited #44, can you check them and give me a feedback? Thank you*
    • |--|

      AliceMargarida {*wrote*}:
      Dear CH, i have submited #44, can you check them and give me a feedback? Thank you*
      |--| Hi Can the continent change from Africa to N.America & match the font on Crusade to that used on World Food? Thanks!

    • Thanks a lot for your response, i've already made the changes you ask #56, please leave me a feedback when you can, hope you like. thank you*

  • I like it! Can the cup/pot combo be changed to just a pot w/lid...& made larger so the entire world map is inside the pot borders of the pot/ Thanks!
  • very nice! Will you change the color on FOOD to match the continent color on the globe then change CRUSADE color to match the silver spoon? You are a finalist Thanks! CH
  • very creative! Can you add pastel colors of blue on world,green on food & orange on Crusade and do the same on your other design.Feel free to use any other colors you think work best. Thanks! CH
  • Would like something that depicts food, e.g. fruit; water. Lettering to be distinct and bold, (blue, green, red). Utensils...fork, knife, spoon, not necessarily in a red background. I hope this helps. Thanks.
  • Dear CH, My entry is #54. Any feedback would be helpful. Thank you Artmis
  • Can you make the word "WORLD" a little larger, and change color of apple to red instead of orange? Thank you. Nice design shows helping hands to aid in peoples' needs.
  • Hello, I like your asymmetrical design. It shows uniqueness yet gets the point across. I have a suggestion...and I'm trying to envision how it will look, could you stretch out the word 'FOOD' and put 'CRUSADE' below 'FOOD'? Also, like the idea of a fork and spoon in the O's. Thank you.
  • If there are any changes or suggestions for designs #2, #21, #22 or #53, please let me know! I'm happy to submit them before the contest ends today. Thanks, schwede9
  • kgb
    Hello CH,I just submitted a design #50,Check it and please give me your valuable feedback?