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Winning design #218 by Minimal_Instinc, Logo Design for Worxplace Contest
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designed by Minimal_Instinc

Project description

UPDATE:  now we reveal the concept drawing that you're competing against.  Obviously not professional but note the humanization of the X with a nose.  This concept is for people to office in a new environment than office is accustomed to.   Keep WORXPLACE as one word - don't separate onto two lines minimizing a part of it and over emphasising another.  Careful of font: if you use lower case the first three letters when emphasising the X can look like "war"...not a good thing.   We've used Pantone 166 (orange) but this is not required.   Hope this helps.

Worxplace (or Worxplace.com) is an office real estate solution allowing small office spaces for small businesses (like 1-10 people) and co-working spaces (think: WeWork).  Initial property is a 20,000sf building that looms over I-35 in Kansas City and the logo will be highly visible from the highway and lit up at night.  Other usage will be the website and social media.  Looking for anyone tenant looking to get out of their house and the barking dog, corporate rep that lives in KC as a territory rep with other company offices all out of town, startups, etc.  Will have common areas for lounge and kitchenette as well as dedicated, locked rooms for some as well as open, non-dedicated desk space for others. 

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  • I respect your liking "X human" idea ...but .... Just brainstorming :)

    1.You design work space for people right! ... a new environment ... new atmosphere ... new enthusiasm to work.
    Your designed work space really change people's mode who will work there, don't you think the environment you have created is more important than the people - you know every service in this world is for humans directly or indirectly so focusing human element in the logo is not a good idea.

    2. Why we intend to design a logo? Companies needs a mark that is UNIQUE so in advertising they can be identified in the crowd of their competitors/market. X human mark is not a unique idea, it is a generic and overused concept which is widely used in the market.

    Can we RE think!
    • @eshtiyak Totally agreed with it. Well said! The human mark is one of the most used generic symbols for a logo design. @tubbesing

    • @eshtiyak you dont like 'X human' logo but you rated 'them' high. any comments?

    • @penasaran I'm NOT a contest holder :)

    • @eshtiyak it should be you :) . sorry..haha

    • Only unique and creative logos left in the contest:

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  • x represents Humans
    This is not Stock this is objects used to show X human #625
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