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Winning design #77 by dezineprince, Logo Design for Wound TeleCare Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by dezineprince

Project description

We are looking for a logo for our product named Wound TeleCare

A neat clean eye catching logo that shouts innovation.

A logo that is more about innovation communication rather than just health care.

Product is to improve healing time and reduce cost of treatment.
Revolutionize wound care management globally.

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  • Hello Contest Holder, This design shows a First aid box, the 'cross' on which has rounded corners, that by utilising one of your corporate colours makes it look like 'plasters'. The bracketed arial is evocative of 'communications'. Thank you.
  • Hello Contest Holder. I have assumed ( perhaps wrongly) that the care required in your service, is of an emergency nature. This is why I have submitted my initial design. Clearly the 'blue flashing light' is flanked by parentheses, which accentuate the online nature of the service, whilst aiding the graphical notion that the light is flashing. The inverted 'U' underneath is as if the light on top is reflecting into a vehicle roof. Thank you.
  • Sorry our brief didn't make it clear - we are looking for a logo for our product named Wound TeleCare. I have corrected the brief.
  • Sorry our brief didn't make it clear - we are looking for a logo for our product named Wound TeleCare. I have corrected the brief.
  • changed the shadow as u requested.
  • Dear Contest Holder, Designs #51 and #53 are simple and classic with a modern twist. The globe brings emphasis to the communication and healing aspects of your product by giving the customer the idea that they are connected to people (both doctors and patients) around the world. Design #51 has a more classic font, while design #53 has a more modern font. The color scheme follows your guidelines in the brief, if you want me to implement the light orange color I can do that as well. Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • Yes I like this better - just an idea an it may not work - what happens if the drop shadow was like the top of the earth - still in grey ??
  • Dear CH, About #47 According to project brief. This logo is "Wound TeleCare". A neat clean eye catching logo. this logo concept is more innovation communication & health care. i created meaningful symbol for "Wound TeleCare". Symbol of top side man+woman+child and bottom side wound first letter "W". The symbol means of human health care. Different symbol, fonts style and meaningful colours. I used many colours in logo because life is a colourful and precious so care to health. This is creative and attractive logo. Revision for #35 artwork. I hope you like this. Thanks
  • I like this as well -- its getting difficult! - I need my partner's feedback
  • thanks, pls see #45,#46
  • Design is way too close to another designer idea and concept
  • hmmm... looks just like my design.. :)
  • with accentuated drop shadow
  • drop shadow fitted in the logo
  • yes I like this - need a bit of my partner's feedback then can reappraise - I think he will like this. He is away at present but should be available early next week
  • As I said not sure about the headphones
  • I like this but not convinced really by the headphone - its not something we use
  • Not really what we're after - really looking for a clean slick design that gives a feeling of professionalism and innovation
  • This really looks good - I wonder if you can still fit in the drop shadow?
  • Hi Please provide your feedback about #38 design. Regards